SQlab 621 nano City / Comfort Saddle



A true reward for those who uses the bike everyday for transportation in urban and rural areas.

The saddles dampened lateral tilt allows it to follow the biomechanical movement of the pelvis on each pedal stroke. This results in a decrease of pressure on the sitbones and a mobilization of the spinal discs.

The lowered saddle nose of SQlabs stepsaddle design, was developed by SQlabs head of R&D Dr. Stefan Staudte (Urologist & Extrembiker) to distribute the bodyweight by medical view points.

More freedom, lesser pressure with the SQlab Stepsaddle Concept!

The lowered saddle nose of SQlab's stepsaddle design was developed by SQlab's head of R&D Dr. Stefan Staudte (Urologist & Extrembiker) to distribute the bodyweight by medical view points.

More Informations at the SQlaboratory

SQlab Saddle width system:

All SQlab saddles come in three or four different widths. Our dealers are trained by us and are able to measure your seat bone distance and will calculate, depending on the seat position and driving habits, the optimum saddle width.

More Informations at the SQlaboratory


Einsatzbereich City/Komfort sitzposition-moderat sitzposition-leicht-gebeugt sitzposition-aufrecht
Sattelbreite (Effektiv nutzbar) 18cm 21cm                            
Länge 263mm
Gewicht 610g 610g
Posterhärte (SQShore) 45 35
Entlastung (Dammbereich)
90% 80%
Streben CrMo
Bezug SQ Nanotop
Polstermaterial Comfoam

Mehr Infos zu den Spezifikationen unserer Fahrradsättel finden Sie here.





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Saddles have to fit like shoes
SQlab saddles fit, because they are available like shoes in different sizes.
Sättel müssen passen wie Schuhe
  Numbness is a warning sign
SQlab saddles distribute the body weight according to medical considerations.
Pressure on the sit bones
Only those who are sitting on the seat bones relieves the perineum. If these are felt in the beginning, it is the right saddle.
Druck auf die Sitzknochen
  For women often the saddle nose gives pressure
The lowered saddle nose of the SQlab saddles fits perfectly to the anatomy of the woman.
Bei Frauen drückt meist die Sattelnase

Further information on the ergonomics of bicycle saddles, see SQLabor.

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SQ-Brochure US 2014 Title

1. Saddle width

A Saddle must fit like a pair of Shoes!


More in the SQlaboratory!

2. More Freedom

Lesser pressure with the SQlab Stepsaddle Concept

thumb-611 active Race TiTube

More at the SQlaboratory!

3. More comfort

The spine friendly "active" movement!


more in the SQlaboratory!

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