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Saddle 621 soft 18cm

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Item #: 1707
Sitting Position Slightly Bent Forward/Upright
59,95 €
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Description at a glance

The saddle for those that don't regularly use their city bike and predominantly ride short distances. The soft padding in combination with a gel layer ensures the saddle conforms to your sit bones and makes the 621 soft a real comfort miracle for the untrained cyclist. The enclosed steel springs are a little softer in comparison to the other 621 saddles. SQlab's successful stepped shape predominantly distributes the rider weight to the sit bones, making the saddle equally suitable for men and women. The 621 soft is suitable for a max. rider weight of 100kg. For a higher rider weight we recommend the 621 active saddle.

Exception 621 City/ Comfort Series 

The following special regulations apply to saddles of the 621 Comfort model range: 

Sit bone distance less than or equal to 12 cm >> Saddle width 18 cm 

Sit bone distance greater than 12 cm >> Saddle width 21 / 24 cm

Technical specifications at a glance
Width in cm
Area of use
Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Hardness in SQ-shore
Relief of perineal area (%)
Material Rails
Solid CrMo
Material Cover
Material Padding
Comfoam Gel
max. Weight (kg)
Unisex: Due to the sit bone measurement and the step saddle concept, it is not necessary to differentiate between men and women