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Christmas gift from Fabio Wibmer

Published on 30.11.2022
With the Signature Line of Fabio Wibmer you can certainly make every fan happy!
Our Fabio Signature Line was developed in collaboration with YouTube star and multi-talent Fabio Wibmer.
The signature on the products gives a personal touch and the golden design definitely stands out.


Whether creative tricks on the trial bike or massive stair gaps on the freerider, one thing is clear: The material needs to hold.

The cockpit for MTB and the 611 ERGOWAVE® saddle, in gold / black Fabio design, are designed for maximum stability and ergonomics in the Gravity range. 

See the complete signature line

The S-Tube rails were reinforced again for Fabio Wibmer to hold securely even with large impacts.
The 3OX Fabio Wibmer significantly reduces the stresses, especially on the wrists, when high G-forces occur.
The 70X grip comes matching the Fabio Wibmer Line in black / gold design. The Gravity and Downhill grip offers maximum control and grip in rough terrain,

"MTB and Trial are completely different, so are the products. The Trial handlebar has a much higher rise and a fundamentally different shape. The same applies to the saddle. Only the grips are the same. I prefer them with a soft rubber compound, they have a lot of grip as a result and just feel awesome."  Fabio Wibmer


In the trial sector, the choice of handlebars is crucial for handling. During the development phase, Fabio tested many handlebars to make the 3OX Trial as stable and light as possible. The saddle was also adapted to the needs of trial riding. The new saddle should fit perfectly on any trial bike, dirt bike and BMX. 

In black / gold design. This model fits in its shape on any trial bike, dirt bike and BMX. The saddle flanks are designed to provide the highest possible contact surface for tricks.
Due to its 84 mm Rise compared to normal handlebars, it increases the front significantly and is therefore the ideal partner to the 8OX Trial stem.
The choice of stem crucial for agility and bike feel. With 90 mm length and a 35° angle, the 8OX Trial Fabio Wibmer fits perfectly with high handlebars.
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