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Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® active 2.0 13cm

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Sitting Position Moderate/Slightly Bent Forward
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"Winner & Most Wanted" im Test des Mountainbike UK Magazins (09/19) 

"Choosing The right Saddle is a tough taks because we´ve all got unique backsides, but we fount the ERGOLUX considerably comfier than the others. "

A saddle should fit like a pair of shoes! 

If a saddle is too narrow then it presses exactly in the spots where it shouldn’t.

The correct width saddle is a prerequisite for maximum performance.

Available widths:  13 / 14 / 15 / 16 cm

Perfect gript

The raised rear results in more grip toward the rear and provides more efficient force transfer.

Comfortable Seating Position

The wave-shaped elevation of the ERGOLUX® that extends frontward has a shape that fits perfectly to most bulbous ishial branches. The enlarged, less intermittent support surface provides optimal pressure distribution inside the ischial branches.

Lower saddle nose

The lower-lying saddle nose accordingly presses less on sensitive positions. Equally so for both men and women.

SQlab active system comfort

The motion of the pelvis with SQlab active technology, similar to walking from a biomechanical point of view and enhanced by up to 7°, increases pedalling motion efficiency.  Vertebral discs are relieved of stress at the same time and seating bones comfort is increased.

Maximum contact area 

Flat and slightly curved, this shape of saddle nose offers a maximum contact surface with an optimal distribution of pressure. The narrow nose also reduces lateral friction during pedalling. 

Technical specifications at a glance
Width in cm
Area of use
Length (mm)
Weight (g) w/o Elastomere
Hardness in SQ-shore
Relief of perineal area (%)
Material Rails
Solid CrMo
Material Cover
Material Padding
Sport (adjustable via 3 elastomers)
max. Weight (kg)
Unisex: Due to the sit bone measurement and the step saddle concept, it is not necessary to differentiate between men and women
Description at a glance

The 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0 was developed especially for the comfort-oriented mountain biker and the sports-oriented trekking rider. The two-stage wave shape, which has already proven successful in the sporty ERGOWAVE® saddle shape, has been further developed now as a comfort variant under the name ERGOLUX® and is adapted especially to the requirements of the comfort-oriented bike rider. On your multi-hour tours on gravel and asphalt routes, do you emphasize saddle comfort in addition to sporty performance? Then the 610 ERGOLUX® offers the perfect features. In comparison to the very streamlined, narrow-cut ERGOWAVE® models, the 610 ERGOLUX® sitting surface has been tuned to be slightly larger and somewhat softer. Despite a sportier look, comfort for the sitting bones and the ischial branches has been increased. The first stage, with a moderate to sporty sitting position, provides the perfect grip toward the rear and thereby assures direct transfer of force to the pedals. The second stage accommodates the sitting bones, or the ischial branches that bear the load in the sporty sitting position, and thus assures the best possible pressure distribution. The lower saddle nose thereby provides pressure relief to the sensitive structures and for the branches of the pubic bones to the same extent in men and women. The SQlab active-saddle technology lets the saddle follow the pedalling motion as comfort increases, the vertebral discs are mobilized and pressure on the sit bones is minimised. Pain in the lumbar spine, especially on longer tours, can thereby be reduced. The timeless design fits optimally on any bike.

Available in saddle widths of 13, 14, 15 and 16 cm.

✓ TÜV SÜD tested

Find more about ERGOLUX® ergonomics

• Scope of delivery: saddle incl. three elastomer dampers (soft, medium, hard)