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Saddle 613 R ERGOWAVE® 11cm

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Item #: 2358
Sitting Position Triathlon
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Triathletes are capable of suffering, yet experience sitting troubles excessively. The extreme sitting position in combination with long riding units presents an ergonomic challenge.

Perfect fit

Maximum performance requires a fit and width that is perfectly tailored for individual athletes.

Elevated rear

The elevated rear end shifts the pressure, for the first time in triathlon, in the direction of the ischium branches. It also provides additional support and thus creates a more efficient power transmission.


The slight dip in the middle of the saddle has been lengthened for the very sporty riding position to reduce the pressure on the sensitive structures of the perineal area. 

Freedom of movement

The strong waist of the saddle shape ensures maximum legroom. This reduces friction on the thigh during the pedalling movement to a minimum.

Maximum contact surface

The wide, short and slightly sloping saddle nose offers a larger contact surface for the best possible pressure distribution.

Customize your SQlab 613 R ERGOWAVE®

Customize the 613 R ERGOWAVE® saddle according to your ideas and give it your own sticker design. The tail can be fully customized in the following configurator.


An integrated mount on the underside of the saddle offers the possibility to attach a bottle cage. 

Light weight 

The carbon fiber reinforced saddle base offers more longitudinal stiffness and perfectly coordinated material flex to the side means more comfort with less weight at the same time.
The saddle is available in two different versions. 


The bottle mount is tilted in riding direction. The orientation of the bottle, explicitly allows to pull it out of the mount more ergonomically. The aerodynamic position can be maintained while grasping the bottle. This enables intuitive handling and clearly distracts less from the racing or riding happenings. 

Technical specifications at a glance
Width in cm
Weight (g)
Area of use
Length (mm)
Hardness in SQ-shore
Relief of perineal area (%)
Material Rails
Material Cover
Material Padding
Superlight Foam
max. Weight (kg)
Unisex: Due to the sit bone measurement and the step saddle concept, it is not necessary to differentiate between men and women
Description at a glance

Triathletes are capable of suffering but still experience sitting troubles excessively. The extreme sitting position in combination with long riding units presents an ergonomic challenge.

The 613 R ERGOWAVE® is designed with a raised rear section, allowing the pressure to shift towards the pubic bones for the first time in triathlon. The perineal area receives relief and the additional rearward support improves power transmission. As a positive side effect skin irritations are reduced.

The 613 R ERGOWAVE® offers:

+ Relief of the sensitive areas

+ More efficient power transmission

+ prevention of exhausting protective postures 

+ More legroom

The reason why this adaption of the SQlab step saddle has been released five years after the SQlab ERGOWAVE® shape, is in the details. Creating a harmony between position and height of the step and combining it with the waist, dip and width as well as the drop at the tip of the nose involved significant development efforts.

The 613 R ERGOWAVE® doesn't just have any kind of shape but the perfect one for the most complex sitting position in cycling. A total of 18 years of SQlab experience make up this innovation: from all kinds of sitbone widths and different anatomies to solving customer concerns, we develop saddles not only to enhance comfort and relief but to boost performance in competitions as well.