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Geschenkideen für das Fahrradcockpit

Published on 11.12.2020

Handlebars higher - handlebars lower - stretched or compact sitting position?

Stems are available in different lengths and angles. On the one hand this influences the steering behaviour and on the other hand the distance between saddle and handlebars, which defines the position on the bike. 

The handlebars influence the sitting position and the position of the wrist, which is crucial for an ergonomic posture on the bike. 

What should you pay attention to?

The upsweep (handlebar bend upwards) determines the elbow position for an active riding style. 

The Rise (handlebar height) allows an individual adjustment of the sitting position. 

The backsweep (handlebar bend backwards) ensures a straight transition from the forearm to the hand. This prevents numbness in the index finger, middle finger and thumb. If the handlebars are too straight, there is often a kink in the wrist, which constricts the carpal tunnel. Similar to a kinked garden hose through which no more water flows, the nerve information can no longer be transported through the constricted carpal tunnel.

> 12° Backsweep for a more upright sitting position on the All Mountain and Enduro
> 16° Backsweep for an stretched sitting position on the hardtail or racefully   


City- & Trekking

For the trekking bike, we recommend the 302 handlebar series, which impresses with its well thought-out bend and ensures a straight transition from forearm to hand. The 321 handlebar is a classic dovetail handlebar for the city bike. 



With our MTB handlebars 3OX and 311 FL-X we were together with Syntace the only manufacturers who survived the big BIKE magazine break test (4/2019) without any damage. The handlebars are available with 12° and 16° backsweep for a straight transition from forearm to hand. 


Ride the same cockpit as Fabio Wibmer 

SQlab team rider Fabio Wibmer is more than just a YouTube star, he is a multi-talent on the bike. Wether you see him performing creative stunts on the trials bike or flying down massive stair gaps on his Enduro bike, it is undeniable that the material has to last. By developing his new Signature Line, Fabio got the opportunity to both design his own products and adapt them to his needs.