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Geschenkideen für Fahrradfahrer

Published on 27.11.2020

There are many gadgets for the bicycle, but not all of them are useful. Every bike enthusiast already has the classic bicycle pizza cutter in his kitchen. The most important thing about the gift should be that it is actually used. How about a saddle, for example?

Every cyclist, whether mountain biker, trekking or road cyclist, spends a lot of time in the saddle. Which makes it all the more important that it really fits and is comfortable. But what do you have to look out for when buying a saddle? 

What do you have to consider when buying a saddle?

Decisive for the correct saddle choice is the individual sit bone distance, the respective sitting position on the bicycle and the riding time. 

sit bone distance + sitting position = individual saddle width 
The individual saddle width can be derived from the sit bone distance and the respective sitting position. This guarantees that the sit bones lie completely on the saddle and relieve the perineal area. 

Ride duration 
For shorter rides, for example for shopping, a saddle with soft padding can be comfortable. On long rides, a saddle that is too soft will cause the sit bones to sink in, increasing the pressure on the perineal area. 


City & Trekking saddles 

The ERGOLUX® models offer maximum comfort for medium to long trips. The saddles of the M-D Line offer maximum relief. 


Mountainbike saddles 

The 611 ERGOWAVE® models are the perfect choice for MTB. The 6OX Gravity and E-Performance saddle convinces on long and steep climbs on the E-MTB. The slightly thicker padding provides more cushioning even in rough terrain. 


Road bike saddles 

In the very sporty sitting position on the road bike it is important to relieve the dam area to prevent an energy-consuming protective posture. The ERGOWAVE® models 612 for the sporty riding position and the 612 R for the very sporty riding position on the road bike offer relief.