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Geschenkideen Last Minute

Published on 18.12.2020

Christmas is coming closer and closer - and still no gift idea. How about new grips for the bicycle? A small gift with a big effect. 

What should you pay attention to?

No matter what type of bike, the right fit, for a bicycle grip is crucial for comfort and grip security. 

> Determine grip size

Numbness in the fingers

At the same time, the handle should take the pressure off the outside of the hand to avoid numbness in the ring finger and little finger. 

Trekking and city grips in particular are often used with a large grip wing. Here it is important that this is placed as far out as possible to avoid pressure on the carpal tunnel exit, as this can lead to numbness in the index finger, middle finger or thumb.


City & Trekking grips

The 702 grip provides maximum contact surface, support and comfort. The 710 grip is the optimal combination of support and freedom of movement. The alternative to the Innerbarends® is the Stuby grip. 


Mountainbike grips

The 711 Tech and Trail is suitable for long distance, the 711 R is the lightweight for racers. Team rider Fabio Wibmer rides the 7OX Gravity & E-Performance grip. 


Road bike handlebar tape

Das 712 Lenkerband bietet Dämpfung und Halt. Die drei Noppenreihen dienen als Anhaltspunkt für die Griffgröße bzw. Wickeldicke. Die Wickeldicke kann bei den SQlab Griffen über die Griffweitenschablone bestimmt werden.