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News vom 03.05.2019_EN

Published on 03.05.2019

SQ-Shorts³ - the perfect shorts for every situation  

Based on the idea of developing an ergonomic shorts pad, the result is three shorts with three different pads. The aim: to create the maximum possible comfort for every sitting position. The concept behind the SQ pads - as HARD AND THIN as possible. This can prevent sinking sit bones, which restrict the blood supply and increase friction. In addition, the shorts pads of the SQ-Shorts ONE10 and ONE11 have a thin layer of an orthopaedic TPE gel that absorbs the shearing forces generated by the pedalling movement.

The SQ-Short ONE10 is optimized for everyday use and as liner the perfect companion both on the trails and on the way to work.  Designed for the off-road use the SQ-Short One11 does not only impress with its honeycomb cuffs that provide perfect support, but also with removable SAS-Tec Tripleflex protectors to protect the sensitive femoral neck during falls. The series is rounded off by the SQ-Short ONE12, equipped with a high-performance fabric and breathable straps for use on the road. With its maximum 4 mm thick pad it is the ideal partner on long distances, comfortable and adapts excellently to the body shape.

The SQ-Shorts series offers an increase in comfort that goes far beyond what can be achieved by saddles.