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News 04.08.20

Published on 04.08.2020


SQlab team rider Fabio Wibmer is more than just a YouTube star, he is a multi-talent on the bike. Wether you see him performing creative stunts on the trials bike or flying down massive stair gaps on his Enduro bike, it is undeniable that the material has to last. By developing his new Signature Line, Fabio got the opportunity to both design his own products and adapt them to his needs.

"MTB and Trial are fundamentally different, and so are the products. The Trial handlebar has much more Rise and a basically different shape. The same applies to the saddle. Only regarding the grips I stick to one model. I favor them with a soft rubber compound, it makes them very grippy and they just feel awesome."  Fabio Wibmer


Four products in the golden Fabio Wibmer design that have it all!

Starting with the MTB saddle 611 Ergowave® Fabio Wibmer, which offers a plus in stability through additionally reinforced saddle rail as well as a Kevlar cover on the particularly exposed parts of the saddle. The matching 7OX grip ensures maximum control and grip in rough terrain, even in wet and muddy conditions. The special texture of the front and underside offers optimum grip in every situation. The fibre-reinforced inner sleeve provides the extra stability. The 8OX stem and 3OX Fabio Wibmer handlebars provide the right cockpit: stable and light for a short reach in 800mm width and 7° backsweep. The handlebars are made of carbon and are additionally reinforced in push and pull direction.


Saddle, stem and handlebars - these are the new products of the Trial Line.

The 6OX Trial saddle fits perfectly to every Trial Bike, Dirt Bike or BMX and has a well thought-out shape for more freedom of movement and maximum surface area during impacts. The 8OX Trial stem is mandatory for the use of the 3OX Trial handlebars. Only in combination will the performance of the handlebars be fully exploited. SQlab handlebars are, as proven in the BIKE magazine 04/19 handlebar breakage test, anyway among the most stable and best handlebars on the market. We have accepted the challenge of a strong bend, maximum durability and at the same time a high flex with hard impacts. The result is the 3OX Trial handlebar.

"On a Trial Bike the cockpit is crucial, as it presents the contact point to the hands. A small change in handlebar position already has an effect on the bike handling. Therefore it is crucial that handlebar and stem fit together and possess the necessary stability. Especially the 3OX Trial handlebar beats everything I’ve ridden before.Fabio Wibmer