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News 08.06.20

Published on 08.06.2020

BIKE magazine test

6OX ERGOWAVE® active 

"BIKE ergonomic tip" 

 „The double step of the 6OX almost completely relieves the perineal area and gives the rider an enormous amount of support on the ascent [...]. The movable saddle shell follows the pedalling movement and thus relieves the back.“

Saddle test – BIKE Magazine 07/2020

> 6OX ERGOWAVE® active

711 Tech & Trail 

"BIKE trail tip"

 „A grip modelled in every detail. The 711 follows the angled shape of the fingers and maximises the contact surface of the bales without disturbing wings. This means that it remains fully suitable for off-road use and grips extremely safely and comfortably. In addition, the contact surface of the 711 is very well cushioned, and the material is extremely grippy.“

Grip test – BIKE Magazine 07/2020

> 711 Tech & Trail


„"With the 612 R, the ergo specialists have a thoroughbred and extremely light race saddle in their range. The short and strongly waisted shape creates a lot of freedom of movement, the raised step at the rear provides maximum support when starting [...]. No increased pressure in the genital area is noticeable even when climbing." 

Saddle test – BIKE Magazine 07/2020