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Published on 23.06.2018

Hold on Tight - Fabio Wibmer and SQlab Team Up

Austrian mountain bike and trials star Fabio Wibmer and the German specialist for ergonomic bike components, SQlab, are working together going forward. Fabio Wibmer’s films like Fabiolous Escape 2, Urban Freeride Lives and his SICK!-Series regularly entertain millions of fans. Fabio’s own YouTube channel alone has accumulated over 160 million views and 1,3 million subscribers. The Tyrolian mountain biker will be using SQlab’s ergonomically designed grips in upcoming projects, films and every day riding and will also play an active role in developing new products with the German company.

“Fabio’s roots are in Motocross and Downhill, just like our own. That’s why we had a great understanding for each other right away and instantly connected. The fascinating thing about Fabio and what sets him apart from most other pros is that he really dives into product development. It’s more like he picked us, than the other way around. You can instantly tell that he has the passion to accomplish something extraordinary and he is keen to work with us to develop further products, which is what SQlab is about at the end of the day: Developing and producing the best possible product.” - Tobias Hild, Founder & CEO of SQlab GmbH

“I’m stoked to work with a company as innovative as SQlab. I had the chance to try their 70X grips and was instantly convinced by the product and the concept behind it. I am also really looking forward to be working on future product development together with SQlab.” – Fabio Wibmer