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News vom 28.08.2019

Published on 28.08.2019

Eurobike 2019: We are looking forward to your visit - A4 202 !

For quite a long time until now, the perfect saddle for every use is not the only thing SQlab has to offer. Goal achieved? A company like SQlab never really gets there. However, since last year our product range has reached the point where we have a suitable solution for almost every cyclist and every problem. The following products will complete our portfolio in 2020:

Performance Line 2020

The new 2020 Performance Line shows how Ergonomics can win races. All Performance products are made exclusively from the lightest materials. Whether with a new saddle, new grips or SQ shorts: nothing will stand in the way of victory. 

612 R  race saddle 
Very sporty road bike and XC saddle. Shorter and narrower nose. Stronger and narrower transition form nose to wings. 125g 

Innerbarends 411 R Carbon
Flexible clamping. 40g 

Grips 711 R
New silicones rubber compound. 59g

available february 2020

M-D Line 2020

The M-D Line stands for Maximized Dip and, in combination with the high classical step shape, distributes the body weight to the seat bones. Pressure distribution according to medical experts.

If you want maximum relief in the male problem areas of the perineum and prostate or in the more female problems of the coccyx and pubic curves, the M-D Line is the ideal choice.

602 M-D Line active 

621 M-D Line active 
City & Comfort 

available february 2020


The new SQ pads are only 4, 6, 8 mm thick and initially feel exceptionally firm and high-quality.

The first riding impression with the SQ pads is very similar to that of the SQlab saddles.

SQ-Short ONE10
MTB Tour & Travel

SQ-Short ONE11
MTB Tech & Trail

SQ-Short ONE12
Road & MTB Race