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News - 5 Tipps für einen guten Start in die Fahrradsaison

Published on 01.03.2022

Fitness, stability and an perfectly tuned bike - start the season well with these tips.

As soon as the first rays of sunshine come out in spring the bike is packed and off it goes on the road or trails. What we often forget, before the season is not in the season. The condition still leaves something to be desired. The hands hurt and the butt is no longer used to the long rides. For a good start to the season, here are the tips of our team riders and scientists from the SQlab laboratory. 


Over the winter, other muscle groups are activated and therefore a malposition during the winter months can already lead to a change in the seating position. Accordingly, it makes sense to check the sitting position on the bike. 

Adjustment advice for your saddle

1. saddle height
2. saddle angle
3. saddle offset


Start the season with short distances and slowly increase the duration of the ride. The sit bones and the skin around the perineal area must first get used to the strain again. Between the first rides you should take a break of at least two days, since irritated periosteum and muscle and tendon attachments react much more sensitively. Acclimatization often requires five to six rides. 

Advice from our laboratory
The sit bones get used to the stresses. If you still have to struggle with saddle bone pain, it is usually less due to the pressure than to the shear forces caused by the pedaling motion.  The slight but constant movement of the pelvis on the saddle causes painful shear forces on the periosteum. Seat cream can alleviate the discomfort.  The best solution is in our SQ-Pad 10 and SQ-Pad 11 pants pads, these have a very thin layer of an orthopedic TPE gel. This gel was specially developed to absorb the shear forces in the medical field.


Stability in the torso also results in greater stability in the saddle and thus less friction. In addition to stability, it is important to be as mobile as possible on the bike to be able to react in any situation.

SQlab back brooch 

We have summarized the most important exercises for at home in the SQlab Back Guide together with spine specialist Dr. med. Whether beginner or advanced, whether daily or weekly: the back primer consists of a selection of exercises for strengthening the spine - regardless of age and training form. 



Resume exercise at a lower intensity. High intensity is often associated with a more erratic riding style and thus increased chafing in the seat area. 


Spring is not summer, accordingly, in cold temperatures it is important to additionally protect the knees from the cold or to warm them more. The joints in general and especially the knees in particular must be slowly accustomed to movement again.