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News 602 Ergolux Testsieger 0922

Published on 14.09.2022

Double test victory for the 602 Ergolux® active in Radfahren magazine (9-10/22) and in Elektro Rad

That saddles for short and medium distances should not only be comfortable and convenient, but also ensure the right relief for the perineal area in women and men, that is our highest demand on all SQlab saddle models. We are all the more pleased when in a saddle comparison test of a total of 23 city & trekking saddles the 602 Ergolux® active 2.0 emerges as the test winner. 

Because cycling can be so nice and does not have to be associated with pain in the sit bones, tingling in the perineal area, a numb intimate area or sore spots. The right relief according to medical aspects for women and men is the prerequisite for a comfortable bike ride.

The 602 Ergolux® active 2.0 offers many ergonomic advantages on the trekking bike:

Individual saddle width

A prerequisite for maximum comfort and relief is the coordinated saddle width, so that it is guaranteed that your sit bones lie fully on the saddle. Because only in this way can the sensitive perineal area in men and the usually lower pubic arch in women be properly relieved.  Available widths: 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 cm

Perfect hold

The raised rear provides additional support to the rear and ensures direct power transmission to the pedal.

Comfortable sitting position

The wave-shaped elevation of the ERGOLUX® saddles, stretching from the rear to the front, perfectly matches the shape of the mostly bulbous ischial branches. The enlarged, less punctual contact surface, ensures the best possible pressure distribution.

Lower saddle nose

The saddle nose, which is lower in level, accordingly presses less strongly on the sensitive areas. For both men and women.

SQlab active Comfort

The SQlab active saddle technology enables a physiological co-movement of the pelvis. Intervertebral discs and facet joints can thus be relieved. The lateral movement can be adjusted to the weight via two comfort sticks. 

Deep and shallow 

The flat, only very slightly curved shape of the saddle nose results in a maximum contact surface with correspondingly little pressure. This makes the nose at the same time narrow and lateral friction is reduced to a minimum. 

Test winner judgment

"The slight revision has done the 602 Ergolux® active 2.0 good. The appearance and first impression still take some getting used to. When riding or on the test bench, however, there is only praise. Perfect for touring riders." Radfahren 9-10/2022

Other test victories

The 602 Ergolux® active 2.0 is one of the most popular SQlab saddle models and has also been named test winner in relevant trade magazines several times in the past. 

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