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News - Bike clothing for Christmas?

Published on 10.12.2021

Christmas is just around the corner and you still haven't found the right gift? How about cycling shorts? Whether indoor or outdoor, on the bike trainer or on the road, the short must fit. Far too seldom you buy yourself a high-quality bike short. So why not give them as christmas present? In our gift guide you will find the right cycling shorts for every purpose.

What to look for when choosing cycling shorts? 

The key component of cycling shorts is the padding. A soft pad has little or no effect on seating comfort, as the sit bones either "sit through" or sink in and deeper-lying, as well as sensitive tissue such as muscle and tendon insertions are irritated.

To reduce pressure and minimize shear forces, SQlab has developed a concept for pants pads that adapts to the pedaling motion while providing high comfort. The TPE shear force gel can optimally develop its property - to absorb the horizontal movements - on the pad underside.

High-end - Minimalist - Pure

SQ-Short ONE12R

The new competition-oriented SQ-Short ONE12 R is equipped with the 4 mm thin and tight SQ-Pad 12 R. Only the best materials were used for an uncompromising bib short.

Flexible mesh insert for improved breathability

Ultrasonic welded seams durable and flexible

Compression fabric

Lasered leg cuffs

Flexible mesh insert for improved breathability
Ultrasonic welded seams - durable and flexible
Compression fabric
Lasered leg cuffs

Durable and flexible 

The Ultrasonsic welded seams provide a high wearing comfort and are particularly flexible. The welded seams can avoid friction points and skin irritation.  The flexible, breathable straps provide consistent tension with optimal support and stretch.  

Hard & Thin

SQ-Pad ONE12 R has an adapted shape for the very sporty sitting position on the road bike, in which the pelvis rotates strongly forward. The pad, which is only a maximum of 4 mm thick, initially feels exceptionally firm and high quality. The very thin pad becomes more and more comfortable with increasing mileage and adapts wonderfully to the body shape.

No pressure points

Due to their tight design, the SQ pads retain their shape. They are thus not, as with many high, soft pads unpleasantly pushed inward during the pedaling motion. In addition, the SQ pad 12R is adapted for the very sporty seating position on the road bike, in which the pelvis rotates strongly forward, and positioned in the SQ short. 

SQ-Short ONE12 - for long distances on the road 

The SQ-Short ONE12 is for all racers who are out of diapers. The short is equipped with a 4 mm thin, hard pad for long rides. The pad is not, as with many high, soft pads, unpleasantly pushed inward during the pedaling movement by the thin and tight design. The high performance fabric combined with elastic, breathable cuffs and straps provides support and comfort.  

Bike shorts 
Road & MTB Race 

SQ-Short ONE11 – for off road use

The SQ-Short ONE11 is designed for mountain bikers and equipped with a 6mm thin, tight padding. So the pad can not be pushed through with two fingers quite loosely, as is otherwise typical with much too soft padding. The pad consists of a dense and breathable foam, which is equipped with a thin layer of a TPE gel on the underside. This serves to optimally absorb the shear forces generated during the pedaling motion.

Fit - The breathable, elastic straps and honeycomb cuffs ensure a perfect fit.

Protection - The SQ-Short ONE11 is equipped with a removable SAS-Tec Tripleflex Protector on the sides. The protector provides additional protection in case of falls.

Bike Shorts 
MTB Tech & Trail 

SQ-Short ONE10– for daily use

The SQlab underpants is for those who have no desire for skin-tight spandex shorts. The 8mm thin and tight pad is breathable with a thin TPE gel layer for optimal absorption of shear forces. The SQ-Short ONE10 is made for everyday use and has an ideal cut to be worn under the pants. 

for everyday use

Thin & Comfortable Thin & Comfortable
perfect fit under any pants perfect fit under any pants