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Published on 11.04.2022

Sitting problems? Numbness, pressure and pain are signs of an unsuitable saddle, but how do you find the right saddle?

The "BIKE" editorial team tested 14 touring saddles in the May issue under the motto "Better biking - buying advice saddles". For this purpose, the saddles were extensively measured and subjected to a laboratory - practical test. In the laboratory, a special measuring foil was used to determine which saddles distribute the pressure of the rider's weight in such a way that the sensitive perineal area is relieved. 

BIKE TIP „TOUR“ ERGOWAVE® active 2.1  

"The step concept of the Ergo manufacturer is a complete success: Here, the perineum is completely relieved - even on the climb. ... The rear step creates a lot of counterhold, the active function noticeably cushions, and the lateral flex relaxes the back." 
BIKE 05 | 2022

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The 611 ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 is the perfect companion for long uphills and trail descents on the mountain bike. Compared to the 612 model, this has minimally more padding material for more cushioning in rough terrain. In addition, the Kevlar cover protects the particularly stressed areas on the saddle.


Prerequisite for maximum comfort even off-road is the perfect fit for the mountain biker. Available widths:
 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 cm

Perfect support & optimal pressure relief

The saddle provides through its wave-like shape and the raised tail for the perfect support to the rear and an optimal pressure distribution to the deep structures of the body whereby the power transmission to the pedal is significantly improved.

More free space

The deeper nose, in combination with the recess in the middle, creates more space and clearance for the perineal area for both women and men.

Neue Aktiv-Technologie

The active connection has not only become lighter, but also significantly smoother. This increases comfort on the sit bones as well as relieving the strain on the intervertebral discs. In particular, the mobilization of the intervertebral discs is now clearly noticeable.

The active movement is even more adjustable in the new models because the elastomers are smaller and lighter.

Relief of the intervertebral discs

SQlab active saddle technology allows the saddle to follow the pedaling motion, increasing comfort, mobilizing the intervertebral discs and minimizing pressure on the sit bones.

For the targeted strengthening of the back muscles, we have developed the SQlab back primer in collaboration with Dr. med. Markus Knöringer, specialist in neurosurgery, intervertebral disc and spine surgery.

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