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News - Cape Epic 2022 Gesamtsieg

Published on 28.03.2022

The grand finale - Georg Egger and Lukas Baum ride to overall win at Cape Epic 

A race could not have been more thrilling, after the team of Speed Company Racing could already surprisingly win the third stage at Cape Epic they now write history and secure the overall victory on the final stage. The sensation is perfect and history is written.

The team, consisting of Georg Egger from Augsburg and Lukas Baumann (Neustadt an der Weinstraße), entered the world's toughest race with clear ambitions. 

"We are not here to participate. We are here to attack!"
Georg Egger

Seven days later, a stage win in the bag, the duo was only two minutes and 45 seconds behind the leading team of Andreas Seewald and Martin Stosek on the final stage. The goal was clearly "attack" on the final stage. The attack succeeded and the team won the lead and thus the overall victory in an exciting race. 

"A huge dream come true here with my best friend to win this race.
Georg Egger

What a sporting achievement!

Congratulations on winning the Cape Epic 2022!

What products do our Cape Epic winners ride? 

Ergonomics is the basis of success 

Only those who become one with the bike can win races through greater comfort and less physical discomfort. The perfect fit is the prerequisite to transform the power biomechanically optimal into propulsion. Minimize pressure points, avoid numbness and shear forces, reduce wind resistance and inertial forces. Our performance products show how ergonomics can win races. 

612 ERGOWAVE® R Carbon 

  • Lightweight from 125 g
  • Provides through the raised tail for more support and a better power transmission
  • The strong waist and the narrow saddle nose result in more legroom.
  • The proven SQlab ERGOWAVE® shape relieves the perineal area and prevents energy-consuming protective postures.

311 FL-X Carbon 12°

The 311 FL-X has been developed with regard to flex behavior. In an elaborate study, we could prove that virtually all high-quality handlebars are in the damping behavior between 0% and 17%, depending on the intensity.  The 311 FL-X is between 20% and 30%. The higher flex brings no disadvantages in steering precision. The steering forces are significantly lower than the vertical forces.