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News - Ergonomics Tip BIKE: 711 MTB Tech and Trail grip

Published on 02.05.2022

Ergonomics BIKE Tip 

The 711 grip MTB Tech & Trail is our ergonomic mountain bike grip for the long haul. Through the four different grip sizes, which differ not only in diameter but also in length, everyone finds the individually suitable grip. The ergonomic fit stands for more comfort and a better grip security. In the big grip test in the current BIKE magazine, the 711 MTB Tech & Trail grip was now awarded the "Bike Tip Ergonomics.

"The 711 is modeled down to the last detail and follows the shape of the fingers. It maximizes the contact area of the pads, without disturbing wings and remains fully suitable for off-road use, grips very securely and dampens noticeably..." 

BIKE 06|2022

Fit, cushioning and comfort for the mountain bike

The perfect fit, for a bicycle grip, is crucial for comfort and grip safety. The ergonomically flattened, slightly angular shape, in combination with the outwardly increasing grip surface, provides optimum cushioning and comfort. 

Numbness in the ring finger and little fingeris caused by too much pressure on the outside of the hand. To reduce the pressure on the outside of the hand, we at SQlab have made the contact surface as large as possible. Here, the handle was flattened at the top and pulled so far forward and back. 

Maximierte Auflagefläche für den Handballen Maximierte Auflagefläche für den Handballen

Measure grip size


Place your hand on the image and place your middle finger at the height of the arrow

Step 2

Spread thumb slightly 


 Mark the crook of the thumb with a pencil

Step 4

Read size 

We recommend the determination of the grip size and the purchase of ergonomic products from specialist retailers. Our dealers are trained and have a lot of experience in ergonomics. All ergonomics partners on our dealer search offer the SQlab sit bone measurement, the SQlab grip width determination and much more. Dealer locator 


SQlab grips have not only been voted test winners in relevant trade magazines several times, but the 702, 710 and 711 grips have also been certified for "Best Ergonomics" with the VSF seal.

"SQlab's shape and size concept offers an outstanding selection of different grips for every application. The ergonomic shape effectively supports the hands, while the unusual grip edge provides "grip" and more riding safety. All models are available in three sizes, which differ in diameter, length and shape." VSF

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