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News - Innerbarends-Aktion

Published on 01.09.2022

Save 5 Euro: If you buy the 410/402 Innerbarends® in combination with one of our comfort grips 710 or 702 we will give you 5 Euro for free.

Timeslot: 01.09.2022 - 30.09.2022


Existing 710 and 702 grips can be easily replaced with Innerbarends® 410/402. 

For a clean transition

The Innerbarends® replace the clamping ring on the 710 and 702 handle models for a clean transition from the handle to the Innerbarend®. 

Perfect muscle relief

The neck muscles relax, the typical pressure on the hand disappears and even the pedaling motion of the legs feels more efficient and easier. 

Natural hand position

 Dhe Innerbarends® ensure a natural hand position. The slightly flattened surface of the 702 and 710 handles further increases comfort.


The aerodynamic elbow position provides noticeably lower wind resistance and thus increases the speed without further effort.

"Radfahren" Recommendation

Radfahren Magazine (01|02 2021)

 "This is where the horns belong! SQlab offers with the Innerbarends an ergonomically correct, slightly sporty alternative for the hands and integrates them perfectly into their own system. Clear buy recommendation!"