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News - Mehr Freiraum - Weniger Druck!

Published on 28.03.2022

The SQlab step saddle shape creates free space and, in combination with the saddle width system, ensures pressure distribution according to medical criteria. The saddle nose lower in level relieves the sensitive areas in both men and women.

More support - More freedom - Less pressure 

More Support 

The raised rear provides more support to the rear and ensures more efficient power transmission.

Mehr freedom

The deeper nose, in combination with the recess in the middle, creates more space and clearance for the perineal area.

Less pressure 

The lowered saddle nose relieves pressure to the sensitive areas of both men and women.

Numbness and pain while cycling? 

Permanent high pressure on the perineal area while cycling often manifests itself in numbness and rarely in pain. Special nerves, fibers and vessels in the perineal area can reduce blood flow due to a too narrow, soft or inappropriate saddle. Our SQlab step saddles in the right saddle width offer more free space and thus also relief.

We take the pressure off!

In the SQlab laboratory, the pressure is measured by means of a pressure measuring foil. The pressure distribution is displayed in color: blue means low pressure, from turquoise / green / yellow / orange to red the pressure increases. 

Conventional saddle in sporty sitting position with very high pressure at the perineal area. Nerve pathways in the genital area can be damaged and the blood supply greatly reduced. Attention. 

SQlab step saddle with clear pressure peaks at the sit bones and pressure relief in the front, lowered area. The depression in the middle of the saddle is sufficient to ensure excellent blood and nerve supply. 

Our step saddles suitable for every area of use 

Road & MTB step saddle 

City & Trekking step saddle