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News - New 312 R Carbon

Published on 04.03.2021


Numbness in the fingers is a common problem, which often arises from an overstretching of the wrist.
In a neutral posture, our wrists are naturally straight.

For arm positions that are wider than shoulder-width, for example when holding a MTB handlebar, we prevent an overstretching of the wrist through a backsweep.

But for arm positions closer than shoulder-width, a backsweep would stretch the wrist again. That‘s why the 312 R has a frontsweep of 10°, to ensure a straight transition from the forearm to the hand.

Angular and Areal

Angular and Areal 

Thanks to the flattened outer surface, the handlebar is also pleasant to grasp in the lower grip and at the same time provides a secure hold in various riding positions.


The Ergobar is a wave-shaped elevation on the underside. This results in a flat, slightly angular underside of the handlebar. Fits perfectly to the angled, bent fingers.

Grip security
Maximum surface

Grip Security

The combination of contact surface and freedom of movement ensure the best possible pressure distribution.

Maximum Surface

The area which is flattened at the top and extended far forward is maximally large. This allows the fingers to safely enclose the handlebar and at the same time provides grip.

Handlebar width

The individual handlebar width is decisive for an ergonomic position on the road bike and depends on the shoulder width.

Shoulder width = Handlebar width 
Shoulder width = distance from the left to the right acromion of the shoulder. 

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