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News - purchase tip RennRad magazine

Published on 07.02.2022

Winter means testing time. Whether on the indoor trainer or outside in the cold, the editors of RennRad magazine have taken the products to a long-term test and have chosen the 612 Ergowave active 2.1 as purchase tip We are very pleased about this award and about the verdict of the editors. 

"Ergonomics, relief and pedaling efficiency - the SQlab offers
a lot with its active technology and Ergowave design." RennRad Magazine 03|2022

Improved relief due to higher step and deeper dip
New active system for relief of the intervertebral discs
Weight optimized up to 15% lighter

Form, function and comfort for long distances on the Road & MTB Race


Numerous findings from the development of the 612 ERGOWAVE® R have been incorporated into the shell design, making it significantly lighter.


A slightly higher, medium ERGOWAVE® step and a slightly deeper dip lead to an additional improvement in perineal relief.


Many small improvements in shape add up to a significantly improved level of comfort.

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