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News - Recommendation Radfahren Magazine

Published on 05.05.2022

Radfahren Magazine Recommendation 

Cycling magazine tested short combinations in its latest issue. We are proud that our SQ-Short ONE10 for underneath and the SQ-Short ONE OX for above were awarded. 

"Under pants: The special feature of the ONE 10 under pants is the thin and tight padding, which consists of a dense and at the same time breathable foam. On the underside it is equipped with a thin layer of TPE gel. Outer short: the most technical bike pants in the test were equipped with special features such as silicone inserts on the inside of the pants, adjustable waistband, laser-perforated ventilation holes and a dirt- and water-repellent outer material, among others."

"Conclusion: with the most expensive pants combination in the test, you can be sure that a lot of (development) work has been done here. A noble piece among the bike pants." Radfahren Magazine (05|2022)


Unfeelable, super-lightweight, breathable, stretchy, perfectly cut, sits in every situation top, yet robust and stain-resistant!

These are the keywords of our SQ-Short ONE OX. For underneath we recommend the SQ-Short ONE10. 

Inside waistband with silicone for firm grip
High breathability due to laser perforated ventilation holes
Waistband with press stud and
Electrosmog-reducing right front pants pocket with waterproof zipper
Water repellent & quick drying


Breathable & firm grip
Inside waistband with silicone for a firm grip and laser-perforated ventilation holes. 

Electrosmog reducing & waterproof
Electrosmog-reducing, right front pants pocket with waterproof zipper.

Water repellent & fast drying
A durable coating keeps water out.   

For underneath: SQ-Short ONE10

Matching: our permanent bestseller among the pants: SQ-Short ONE10.
The SQ-Short ONE10 is the perfect underpants for those who have no desire for skin-tight bib shorts.
The pad SQ-Pad 10 is a maximum of 8 mm thin and tight. 
The pad consists of a dense yet breathable foam, which is equipped with a thin layer of a TPE gel on the underside. This serves for optimal absorption, the shear forces generated during the pedaling motion.

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