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News- Rennrad-News User Award 2022

Published on 14.02.2022

For the second time, the readers of rennrad-news.de have voted and SQlab on the podium in the category "Best saddle brand". Over 8,500 users voted with the result: 2nd place for SQlab.

"The German company SQlab has been dealing with the subject of ergonomics on the bike for many years. Thus, the seat bone measurement before buying an SQlab saddle to determine the correct saddle width is now quite normal standard. Even for triathlon saddles like the 613 R Ergowave, the Taufkirchen-based company offers three different saddle widths. A fit service that can't be found at every manufacturer and, together with the good functionality as well as the excellent quality, is responsible for the popularity with our readers*." renndrad-news.de

We are very pleased about the award and the second place. Thank you to everyone who voted for us. In the end, the greatest praise is the feedback from the customers who ride our saddles every day and are satisfied with them.   

Our winners at a glance 

The SQlab Performance Line includes the fastest and lightest products SQlabs - perfect for racers. Here, ergonomics is the basis of success: because only those who become one with the wheel can win races through more comfort and less physical discomfort. The perfect fit is the prerequisite to biomechanically transform the power optimally into propulsion. Minimize pressure points, avoid numbness and shear forces, reduce wind resistance and inertial forces - as a racer, this is the prerequisite for maximum efficiency. 

Performance based ergonomics: These are the fastest & lightest ergonomics products from SQlab

Shorter, faster, lighter, more tailored: the 612 R saddle is the lightest saddle in the SQlab range and is pure ergonomics for top performance on the road bike:

- Field of application: Road & MTB Race
- Lightweight from 125 grams!
- strong waist and narrow saddle nose result in more legroom
- Saddle shell is weight and flex optimized down to the last detail
- 3 widths: 12, 13, 14cm 

Komforttipp: 612 ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 

The new 612 Ergowave active 2.1 is the comfort version and was awarded the "Buy Tip" in the current Rennrad magazine: "Ergonomics, relief and pedaling efficiency - the SQlab offers a lot with the Active technology and the Ergowave design." RennRad Magazine 03|2022

- Range of use: Road & MTB Race
- Back friendly due to SQlab active technology
- now available in 5 widths : 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 cm 

312 R Carbon Road bike handlebar 

Ergonomic lightweight and the first road handlebar from SQlab. In terms of ergonomics, we rely in contrast to our MTB handlebars on a 10 ° front sweep, which decreases to the handlebar end and thus offers the perfect ergonomics for all ambitious road cyclists.

- Range of use: Road
- Ergonomic shape: angular & flat
- Maximized contact surfaces
- 4 widths: 380, 400, 420, 440 mm 

512 Road Pedal

The 512 road bike clipless pedal ensures through the different axle lengths for a gentle, ergonomic and at the same time driving dynamic, optimal posture on the bike.

- Range of use: Road
- Lightweight road bike pedal from 235g / pair (incl. cleats + screws 318g)
- 4 different axle lengths

SQ-Short ONE12 R
Probably the lightest Bib-Short in the world!

High quality - Minimalist - Simple
The new, competition-oriented SQ-Short ONE12 R is equipped with the 4 mm thin and tight SQ-Pad 12R. Used only the best materials for an uncompromising Bib-Short. 

- Flexible mesh insert for improved breathability
- Ultrasonic welded seams durable and flexible 
- Compression fabric
- Laser cut leg cuffs
- Adapted to the very sporty sitting position

SQ-Short ONE12

Hard and Thin. The SQ-Short ONE12 with the 4mm thin pants pad is now one of the most popular SQlab products.

The SQ pad 12 is only a maximum of 4 mm thick and initially feels exceptionally tight and high quality. Comparable to sporty saddles that are just as slim and tightly padded. Especially on longer distances, the SQ Pad 12 retains its shape.

It is thus not, as with many high, soft pads, unpleasantly pushed inward during the pedaling motion.

This bib short is for racers who do not have Bock on diapers.