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News - SQlab new Products 2023

Published on 22.07.2022

At the first Eurobike in Frankfurt we had the opportunity to present our new products for the coming season. Those who could not be there in person will now have the chance to learn more about the latest products from SQlab. 

2023 is not only about science & technology, but also about sustainability, quality and production. The production of saddles in Germany has already started in spring 2021 and will be successively expanded. Another big milestone from SQlab. An exciting future awaits us, which we want to actively shape.

Made in Germany

After a successful launch of the 6OX Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active saddle, further saddle models manufactured in Germany now follow. The special feature of the ninth Infinergy® saddle series "Made in Germany" is the foam of the saddle, which no longer consists of classic PU foam, but of the BASF Infinergy® material known from running shoes. The outstanding damping properties of Infinergy® absorb impacts caused by a curb or roots in the terrain when cycling. Likewise, the material absorbs the pressure of the body weight and, in combination with the saddle width system and the step saddle concept, creates a completely new riding experience. The low weight of the Infinergy® material and its durability are further advantages. 

NEW: 611 Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 Carbon 

You can't get more high-tech than this. BASF Infinergy® material "Made in Germany", Swiss made" Carbonrails and the whole combined with the proven ERGOWAVE® saddle shape. 

Carbon is high-tech that requires so much manual labor in production that more and more expensive carbon parts are now coming from low-wage countries. We have decided to go the opposite way.

Gravel Line

The Gravelbike is a real all-rounder: whether on the road or off-road, it is the perfect companion for anyone who prefers comfort. Matching these features, this year we are launching a complete range of products consisting of saddle, handlebars and handlebar tape.

614 ERGOWAVE® active 2.1

This model combines the advantages of the well-known 611 ERGOWAVE® saddles (MTB) and 612 (Road): a waisted shape offers maximum legroom off-road, at the same time the saddle has the padding of the 611 ERGOWAVE® model to provide maximum cushioning and comfort on rough off-road trails. The SQlab active technology offers additional comfort, especially on the gravel bike, by mobilizing the intervertebral discs.

314 Gravel handlebar 

Ergonomic and innovative the new Gravel handlebar comes with 25 mm Rise, 90 mm Reach and 14 ° Flare. The high Rise provides a more upright and relieving seating position, the Flare provides additional control without the Hoods tilt uncomfortably inward. 

The concept of the front sweep, the compact geometry, the flat and angular shape has been adopted from the successful road bike handlebar 312R Carbon.

+ High Rise for a comfortable sitting position
+ Relieves shoulder & neck
+ Angular and flat shape
+ Sophisticated flare
+ 4 widths 

714 Handlebar tape 

Matching the 714 handlebar tape, which absorbs micro-vibrations and thus protects the strained wrists on the gravel bike in the long term. The usual high grip and the existing SQlab size system are also part of the 714 Gravel handlebar tape.

+ Buffer material
+ Cushioning
+ SQlab sizing system
+ Simple wrapping

3 Handlebars 3 Area of use 3 Sitting positions

One Quality Level - One Safety Level - The Highest

A clear, simple concept reduces the number of possible handlebar shapes and quality levels, in the advice to only three handlebars in the Tour, Trekking & Comfort range. The quality and durability offer the highest level of safety, because here we have gone beyond the goal: All Comfort handlebars are manufactured to MTB standard and have passed the most demanding test protocol of the Zedler Institute for downhill handlebars.

MTB Tour & Travel - Handlebar 310 3.0 

The 310 is for the comfort-oriented mountain bike used for touring and light terrain, as well as urban and fitness bikes. The goal was to create an ergonomically optimal handlebar that, despite the strong bends, brings a new level of stability.

Trekking - Lenker 302 3.0 

The handlebar height (Rise) provides a more upright sitting position on the trekking bike and at the same time the Downsweep provides relaxation for neck and shoulders. 24 ° Backsweep and 15 ° Downsweep provide an ergonomic, relaxed posture. 

City Comfort - handlebar 321 3.0 

The 321 is for anyone who prefers a very upright sitting position on the city bike. The 35 ° bend to the rear ensures an absolutely natural arm position on the bike. The sensitive shoulder and neck area is relieved by the 20 ° downsweep. 

SQ-Shorts ONE10 & ONE12 Women 

SQ-Short ONE10 is already available in a revised version for women. The cut was adapted to the female body shape. The leg length was shortened correspondingly. The wide waistband is double layered, slightly slanted and overlaps towards the navel. This shaping allows the waistband to follow the female body shape and hug the waist without folding over or cutting in.

SQ-Short ONE12 Women complements the series of shorts for women. The main difference in theWomen model is the adapted cut to the female body shape and small needs during the ride, because a short pit stop at the toilet no longer ends in a changing disaster lasting several minutes. Women know this. With the new SQ-Short ONE12 Women, time is saved: simply sit down, pull the shorts over your buttocks - without having to take off your jersey or open complicated straps or zips. The ingenious strap system creates maximum flexibility while still providing a snug fit of the pad during the ride.

SQ-Short ONE10 Women - the shorts for underneath on the MTB SQ-Short ONE10 Women - the shorts for underneath on the MTB
SQ-Short ONE12 Women - the shorts for the road SQ-Short ONE12 Women - the shorts for the road