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News - SQlab Saddle Made in Germany

Published on 08.09.2021

The new Made in Germany SQlab saddle 6OX Infinergy® Ergowave® active 

We have recently added a new saddle to our range of saddles that has many unique features. The new 6OX Infinergy® Ergowave® active - Made in Germany.  It is optimally suited for long and steep rides on the E-MTB, but also provides perfect relief and maximum comfort on bikes without a motor. 


The 6OX Infinergy® Ergowave® active is made of BASF Infinergy® material, which is often used in running shoes. So why did we choose this special material? For the simple reason that it is the best mix of quality, optimal cushioning and comfort. Because the new material not only gives the saddle a unique look, but is also very light and offers maximum relief when riding. 

Made in Germany 

When producing the new 6OX Infinergy® Ergowave® active saddle, we made sure to be as sustainable as possible. We have relocated the production regionally to Ansbach, so that the long transport route, as usually from Asia, is not necessary. In addition, the production runs extremely efficiently and strictly according to the German guidelines for harmful substances. In this way, we combine not only quality assurance and durability, as before, but also regionality. 


In addition to the material and the production method, the features are also special. Instead of a full-surface cover, the 6OX Infinergy® Ergowave® active only has tapes in the most important places to ensure perfect support, especially towards the back. Another point that makes the new saddle Made in Germany stand out is that it offers optimal pressure distribution, according to medical criteria. Like all our saddles, the 6OX Infinergy® Ergowave® active is a unisex saddle and allows the perfect fit for men and women, in the widths 13cm, 14cm, 15cm and now also in 16cm.