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News- the perfect wrap for christmas

Published on 03.12.2021

Just under 3 weeks, then it's Christmas again - and still no gift idea. How about new grips for the bike? A small gift with a big effect. 

What to look for when buying bike grips?

No matter what type of bike, the right fit, for a bike grip is crucial for comfort and grip safety. At the same time, the grip should take pressure off the outside of the hand to prevent numbness in the ring finger and pinky. The grip width is the measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the crook of the thumb.  This is because it is exactly how you enclose the grip. The grip sizes differ in diameter, length and shape. All SQlab grip models are available in up to four different sizes. 

What is your grip size?

Step 1

Place your hand on the image and place your middle finger at the height of the arrow

Step 2

Spread thumb slightly 

Step 3

 Mark the crook of the thumb with a pencil

Step 4

Read size 

Trekking & City grips

For comfort seekers, we recommend the 702 grip with maximum contact surface and support. Our best-selling 710 grip is the ideal combination of support surface and freedom of movement. For neck and shoulder relief, we recommend combining grips with our Innerbarends®. 

Mountainbike grip

Grip ergonomics for the long haul offers the 711 Tech & Trail which convinces with its fit, damping and comfort. The counterpart for racers is the 711 R grip - ergonomic and lightweight. Team rider Fabio Wibmer relies on the 7OX Gravity & E-Performance grip, which provides more volume and damping thanks to its intelligent shape. 

Road bike handlebar tape

Due to a special rubber compound and the incorporated, grippy diamond structure, similar to the SQlab mountain bike grip 7OX, the road bike handlebar tape remains grippy in all weather conditions and provides optimal cushioning. 

Wrapping technology is not only needed when wrapping gifts, but we make it easy for you. The three rows of knobs on the SQlab handlebar tape serve as a guide to the grip size or winding thickness. The winding thickness can be determined in the SQlab grips via the grip width template.