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News- Christmas gifts for cyclists

Published on 26.11.2021

Every year you are looking for the best Christmas present, but what can I buy a biker? The most important thing about the present should be, that you can be sure it will be used. What about a saddle? Every biker, whether mountain biker, trekking- or road cyclist spends much time on their bike. The more important is that it fits and is comfortable. 

But what do I have to look out for? 

Cucical for the right choice of saddle is the individual sitbone distance, the respective sitting position on the bike and the duration of the ride.

Individual saddle width
The individual saddle width can be derived from the distance between the sit bones and the respective sitting position. This guarantees that the sit bones rest fully on the saddle and relieve the perineal area. 

Sit bone measurement
Now order free and measure your sit bones.  

Find out your saddle width
Sit bone distance + sitting position = individual saddle width 

Select saddle
We have the right saddle for every application. 

Trekking & City Saddle

The ERGOLUX® models offer maximum comfort for medium to long distances. Maximum relief is offered by the saddles of the M-D Line. 


Mountainbike Saddle

The 611 ERGOWAVE® models are the perfect choice for long uphills and trail descents on the mountain bike.The slightly thicker padding provides more cushioning even in rough terrain. In addition, the Kevlar cover protects the particularly stressed areas on the saddle. 

Road bike Saddle 

In the very sporty riding position on the road bike, it is important to relieve the perineal area to prevent an energy-consuming protective posture. Relief is provided by the ERGOWAVE® models 612 for the sporty riding position and the 612 R for the very sporty riding position on the road bike. 

Back friendly SQlab active technology  

"SQlab active saddle technology enables a physiological movement of the pelvis. This ensures a rounded step, which can provide relief for intervertebral discs and facet joints. This can contribute to fatigue-free riding and the prevention of lower lumbar discomfort." 
Dr. Markus Knöringer