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The Concept SQ-Pad 12!



SQlab Pad12 Ergonomie















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The SQlab saddles concept is convincing, the logical consequence is therefore to transfer that to a pad for shorts. 
The SQ-Pad 12 is only 4 mm thick at most. The pad is made of extremely high-quality material with the best shock absorbing properties tuned to bicycling
for perfect comfort on longer stretches.


SQlab Pad 12 Hosenpolster Bib One12



  • taut and thin – no “diaper feel”
  • great comfort on longer stretches
  • no formation of folds
  • perfectly tailored shape
  • highest quality material
  • breathable
  • The favourite pad among racers
  • There is a reason why SQlab is the most successful saddle brand in tests by German specialist magazines.












The Concept "One Size"


SQlab Becken Sattelbreitensystem 2017 SQ PAD12 





While width is important for a saddle, a pad for shorts depends on shape. The SQlab pad tends to be wider in the rear area and converges into a very narrow center. The sitting bones thereby seat fully on the maximum shock-absorbing area without creating folds. The SQ-Pad 12 is designed for seat bones spacing of up to 15.5 cm.

The SQ-Pad 12 is highly tailored and designed for a distance of
15.5 cm between sitting bones.

No shortcoming in terms of ergonomics or comfort.














Materials SQ-Pad 12 


sqlab sqpad material
  • Unique elasticity
  • Super soft wear sensation
  • Geometric structure for greater moisture management & breathability
  • Highest density with first class breathability through a patented manufacturing process
  • Improved shock absorbing properties








For racers who are sick of diapers.

sqlab radhose one12 bib-short


The SQ-Short ONE12 has been developed for the greatest demands.

Whether biking or roadcycling – the super elastic, breathable materials mean better performance and optimal comfort. From the suspenders to the back and the breeches, the “bib” is made of the best materials available. The main material of the SQ-Short comprises a light, compression material tailored specifically to the requirements of roadbiking or MTB racing. The material permits optimal thermoregulation and, combined with the very flat Flatrock seams stitching, equals the perfect fit. The suspenders, made of high quality, elastic mesh material traces the body like a second skin and fits any body shape perfectly. The especially breathable material in the entire back region transports arising moisture outward immediately. Separate, wide cuffs provide a secure hold without cutting-off the flow of blood.




Our first in-house pants made things easy for us.

We simply took only the best of every detail.


sqlab sqpad logo



sqlab radhose bib short one12 vorne







  • Shoulder straps made of elastic material feel like a second skin
  • Breathable mesh fabric directly transports moisture outside on the back
  • Perfect thermoregulation
  • Flatlock stitching for optimized comfort without crating any pressure zones
  • Slip-Free elastic cuffs ensure a secure hold without cutting off blood circulation













SnaQe Team Testcenter

SQlab Athletes & Dealers testing


sqlab sqpad athleten

SnaQe Team Testcenter

120 selected riders tested the shorts and were asked about them. 

sqlab sqpad team stimmen sqlab sqpad team treff sqlab sqpad team fahrer
89 riders
provided feedback
89 riders 
would recommend the pad or the shorts

89 riders 

enjoyed wearing the pad during the ride - no diaper feel


sqlab sqpad team stimmenSnaQe Team Testcenter – They agree on the Pad


"Super shock absorbency in the pelvic bones area, no annoying seam, you don’t actually feel a pad and it‘s comfortable despite that. These will be my new, favourite shorts.“ 
Anne Stambula, Team Koga Ladies


I was very surprised at how well the shorts worked, there was nothing annoying and, contrary to expectations, the thinner, harder pad was very comfortable and felt good in the seat region, in particular on longer rides.” 
Dirk Keßler, Velozeit Hanau


„Super comfortable flat and top shock absorption.“
Sebastian Risse, RS Individual












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