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Coming July !
SQlab Performance grips 2018


The perfect grip for any hand and any bike!





Gravity & E-Performance

Grip ergonomics for experts!






The perfect fit for maximum control. The surface offers maximum grip, even in moisture and mud. Fingers are optimally supported in any situation by the front and bottom, while the outside provides the necessary comfort.

Sizes: S, M








Grip ergonomics for the long haul!


SQlab 711 


The outer contact area is less rounded and flattened instead, The flattened area also raises slightly towards the outside for support. Based on the natural contour of the hand on a grip, contact is drawn forward and slightly rearward at the same time. The clamp is located inside and the clamping sleeve is only in the inner third. This allows more material for increased cushioning and a confident “tacky” feel. The flat angular bottom offers a perfect form fit. The design organically flows with your palm and fingers providing the ideal interface and optimal cushioning. The 711 offers extended pressure distribution and hand support compared to a wing design that supports only the outside of your hand. This grip can be squeezed less tightly because it fits better. Your bike remains under control with less effort. The increased comfort is especially evident after a hard trail ride or marathon.
Sizes: S, M, L

Grip Size Measurement
since 2006


The personal grip size is important. Grip size is the measurement from the tip of the middle fingernger to the crook of the thumb.
This is because the fingers grasp the grip precisely by this measurement.
In the new SQlab grip series, sizes differ in range, length (only the 702, 710) and shape.sqlab.WebImages.Griffserie.2018Griffgrößen
















Clamping on the inside –
comfort on the outside.

The 711 optimizes cushioning on the outside in every detail.



The clamping is inside and the clamping sleeve is in the inner third of the grip only. The grip is correspondingly somewhat more difficult to mount. Using a bit of brake cleaner, however, lets it slip onto the handlebar very easily and it is absolutely tight in about five seconds.






TexturE zone 70X





Secure grip

SQlab Ergobar

Angular and two-dimensional


Handlebars are round, and grips are also mostly round because it is simple.But fingers are anything but round: They easily slip on a round object and cannot hold on unlike, for instance, a flat table corner.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   round = no grip                     angular & two dimensional = perfect grip






Only with a perfect fit do you have everything under control and can control the bike.




The Ergobar is a wave-shaped profile on the front and right side, which produces a flat,
slightly angular grip bottom.
A perfect fit for angular, bent fingers.







The slightly wavy shape of the Ergobars maps the different finger lengths of the hand.
Ergonomics thought out in detail - and all around.



More surface

As round as necessary and as flat as possible.



Round may sound comfortable, but round shapes on grips only produce a small, limited surface area.
An ergonomic grip with a wing reduces pressure considerably, but a secure grip may no longer be suited to all terrains under certain circumstances
sqlab.WebImages.Griffserie.2018.Performance.Flaeche3The SQlab grip concept.
Flattened and drawn forward and down forward to maximize the surface area comfort. The fingers can wrap around the grip securely. The slightly angled, flat shape created the perfect form fit. Contact surfaces are distributed across the complete grip and the flattened area is optimized providing a comfort level similar to a winged grip.


Physics: Pressure = force/area


     Low contact area = high pressure                  Large contact area = low pressure



Pressure measurements compared

The left grip is respectively illustrated. Even less finger pressure is seen above in the front grip area.



SQlab Grip 711

The flat support surface and the added material on the outside reduce pressure to a completely new level with the MTB grips.






SQlab Grip 70X
With the 7OX, despite the continuous clamp sleeve and the harder rubber, the pressure is barely higher than with the 711.



RounD Lock Grip XY
The small surface due to the circular shape, combined with a rubber layer that is only very thin as a result of the clamping leads to massive pressure peaks.




Round Ergo ZY grip

The ergonomic, round grip cannot outwit physics, the pressure remains high and even extends in the direction of the carpal tunnel exit.









MTB Griff ZX! mit Flügel

Der harte steife Flügel  reduziert den Druck leicht, verteilt ihn aber ungünstig auf den Karpaltunnelausgang.





Druckmessungen werden mit einer elektronischen Druckmessfolie/Matte durchgeführt. Wir verwenden seit Beginn, also seit 15 Jahren die Druckmessung in der Sattelentwicklung. Zusammen mit einem Hersteller für Drucksensoren konnten wir das System weiterentwickeln und flexibel genug gestalten, dass die Druckmatte nun auch um den Griff gewickelt werden kann.





Innerbarend ready

In any case. for long distances the use of the ł‹‹ is recommended. Grip models 711, 710 and 702 are innerbarend ready.





Flattend roundness

For an optimal contact area for the side of the hand when using the innerbarends.








 The surface is slightly enlarged for a straight transition the innerbarends.






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