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Saddle 600 active S, M, L

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Sitting Position Upright
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Expected to be available on 21.05.2021
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enlarged prostate

If you have a prostate problem see a doctor!

The prostate is an organ the size of a chestnut and consists of millions of glandular, muscle and fat cells. It is located directly behind the soft tissues of the perineum and is thus below the bladder and slightly surrounds the urethra. Men from the age of 45 should take regular precautions, because the prostate is an organ that is constantly growing.

This often causes problems in old age, because the older men get, the higher the probability of being affected. In the course of time there are recurring urinary tract infections (pain when urinating), which make sitting on the bicycle saddle or sitting in general impossible without discomfort. In such an inflammation of the prostate, pressure on the perineum area must not be allowed to act under any circumstances.n.

If you have had prostate surgery cycling is only recommended after a certain time – if at all – and with a saddle like the SQlab 600 active.

Our expert for bicycle related issues is always happy to help

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Technical specifications at a glance
Width in cm
S,M, L
Area of use
Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Hardness in SQ-shore
Relief of perineal area (%)
Material Rails
Solid CrMo
Material Cover
Material Padding
Comfort (adjustable via 2/4 sticks)
max. Weight (kg)
Unisex: Due to the sit bone measurement and the step saddle concept, it is not necessary to differentiate between men and women
Description at a glance

A very special saddle where the perineal area is 100% free of any saddle contact, but control and balance of the bike are still maintained through use of a saddle nose. The sitpads are adjustable in three width settings. Each sitpad is individually dampened and has some freedom of movement in all directions.

The main bump absorption stems from the successful 621 active and like in the 621 allows some dampened sideways movement of the pelvis. This movement is similar to the natural movement when walking and relieves the spinal discs especially in the lower lumbar spine. The active movement has two adjustment modes.

The 600 is suitable for bicycles with a very upright riding position. The saddle is not suitable for mountainbikes and roadbikes. It is approved for a rider weight of up to 120kg. For cyclists of higher rider weight, we recommend the 621 active 24 cm.

The width can be adjusted in three width settings dependant on the rider’s sit bone distance (sit bone distance <12 cm = S, sit bone distance <14 cm = M, sit bone distance >14 cm = L)

The 600 active is often recommended for use after prostate surgery as soon as sport and exercise are deemed favourable for the recovery. Please discuss with your doctor.

Take note of the required installation height on your bicycle as due to the double suspension mechanism, the saddle’s build height is greater than most conventional saddles.


Richard Hobson from Los Angeles, USA, has been the pioneer of saddles that are free of contact in the perineal area. The commonly referred to saddles the Biko and the noseless splitseat Easyseat have been sold more than 800 000 times confirming their popularity. The development of the SQlab 600 active is the further development result of a collaboration with Richard Hobson. In many research studies, including those lead by Prof. Dr. Goldstein, head of Department of Urology at the Boston University, the outstanding properties and function of the Hobson saddles have been multiply tested in depth with the result of being described as the solution to the problems cyclists commonly experience.