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SQlab – a name from ancient Greek mythology

What is the origin of our name „SQlab"?

sqlab-meilenstein-headline-sqlab-logoAsclepius (german: Äskulap) in ancient Greek mythology is the healing god of medical arts. With his magical healing power he is believed to be a master of the art of healing like no other. A typical representation of Exclepius is a bearded man leaning on a snake-entwined staff.

The snake (colubrid) eventually became the symbol of medicine and to this day can be seen used in this context in many medical and pharmaceutical facilities. Here at SQlab, with our medical specialists, we place a strong emphasis when developing products on the need for ergonomics and health aspects in cycling. As a result, we have hence adapted our name to the god of medicine in modified form and symbolically use a snake-entwined saddle to complete the logo. This is how our so-called SQ-laboratory, in which research and development of the highest level, has taken place for years with great success.


SQlab engages in supporting the local Isartrails
An Isartrail hiking club and several Ornithologists feel disturbed by the increasing number of cyclists and join forces with the aim to ban cycling in the Isartrails region. As the Bombenkrater Areal was just closed for cyclists a couple of years earlier, this threat was to be taken very seriously. SQlab and Christian Henne from Agentur Henne Digital join forces and create the Pro-Isartrails Facebook page and SQlab launch a limited edition saddle dedicated to the Isartrails.
The Isartails are not closed and remain open to cyclists.

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