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Saddle modell Super 6.1 Prototyp
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The path is the destination...

Ergonomics is much more than just minimizing pain with a new saddle. Only when the bike and the contact points fit perfectly can I become one with the bike, win races, feel the true flow of the trails and relax and enjoy my natural surroundings.

Increasing performance through ergonomics – performance based ergonomics.

From the performance measurement system developed by the scientist Wolfgang Petzke several years ago, it could already be seen that the correct saddle has a major influence on performance output. Once the body takes on a protective stance, a reaction that often goes virtually unnoticed, muscles are activated whose energy is lacking elsewhere.

It is much more evident when your foot’s own natural absorption function needs to be activated every time your foot makes contact with the pedal, causing your knee to simultaneously move to the side to compensate. When this happens, only a fragment of the originally emitted power is available for pedaling forward, while the other part of your energy fizzles out or can even cause physical problems. Therefore, an enormous increase in efficiency is possible here simply by using an insole.

In mountain biking, it is especially the younger riders that value maximum downhill speed, just like the guys in Motocross Sports. That is when the speeds and jumps and the strain on the body are still quite a bit higher than on a mountain bike. For that, we have also adopted our very own larger back sweep in the handlebar ends that we have been propagating for years. The „backsweep“ is important to avoid overstretching your wrist.
For this, the story from the 80s by the then reigning MX world champion is a good example, in which he broke both wrists without even crashing when he tested out a new motorcycle fresh off the line without first fitting it with his own handlebars.

What sets SQlab apart is the combination of science, medicine, technology and sports.

In a comprehensive research project, we were able to determine for the first time the pressure ratios that enter the body through the saddle while cycling using scientific methods. The resulting saddle design coincides exactly with the actual saddle design used in practice by our „SnaQe Team“ test team, which has grown to nearly 100 riders in the meantime.

Under the Ergowave banner, this new saddle design with ergonomic elevation will at first be available in the Carbon Topmodel Super 6.1.

Our products are mainly created based on experience and also the combination of science and practice, which happens directly on the bike. All SQlab products not only contain the spirit of our home trails, but also of our SnaQe Team test riders from around the world, who put the finishing touches on the prototypes.

Don‘t be surprised if you see someone grinding on the saddle or on the handlebars when you are out for a ride, it could be someone from our test team.



Toby Hild, founder and CEO of SQlab GmbH

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