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    Grip Size Measurement „grip & fit“

    Holding, steering, braking are the main tasks that are controlled through the bicycle grip and while performing these tasks, it should still be comfortable. Only a grip which fits perfectly to the hand can accomplish this.

    That is why we have developed a method for determining the optimal grip size. Our grips, depending on the model, are available in two or three different sizes / diameters.

    It’s not a given, that all ergonomic grips relieve pressure on the carpal tunnel. But this is precisely where we have placed great emphasis. The relief wing on all SQlab grips is positioned as far as possible to the outside. Additionally, this results in improved grip, especially when supporting the body weight at the front. All SQlab bicycle grips are made of at least three different materials and are naturally free of harmful substances.

    For an optimal fit between the hand and the bike grip, we recommend getting the free "grip & fit" measurement which is available on-site in local specialist bikeshops.

    Choose your grip model

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