Adjusting the wings of the Grip

The relief wing is designed to reduce pressure to the outer palm area of your hands when hands are supporting your weight by resting on the handlebar.

The wing should be positioned such that it points down slightly. The support of the wing should only be noticed with increased weight on the hands.

Do never position the wings too high. This would prevent a sharp bend in the wrist, but it would also compromise the ability to maintain a good grip of the bar at higher speeds and the associated higher loads.

Even with a relaxed riding position and a loose grip, the grips should provide a good secure hold of the handlebar. This is why our wings are as large as necessary and as small as possible and only positioned very far outwards on the grips. The squared-off contour at the front and lower side of the grips considerably increase the ability to maintain a strong and secure hold.

SQlab einstellung fluegelposition

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