3rd place with the Innerbarends at the National XC Cup 2016!

sqlab news max holz 3 platz mtb bundesliga innerbarendsSQlab trainee Max Holz rides to 3rd place in the overall standings of the KMC National MTB XC cup 2016.

Max has been doing his apprenticeship with SQlab for a few weeks now and has been heavily involved in the development of the Innerbarends. Max and his team mates have continually been testing the newest versions of the Innerbarends throughout the evolution of the new design. Sanding, filing, modelling – every aspect of the profile is optimised in detail. At a power data acquisition study on the track Max was also one of the test riders. On the track Max could already ride the same lap times with the Innerbarends while using 14 Watt less power. From this point onwards the small bar ends have been on Max’s handlebars for every race.

“On the race track at Titisee-Neustadt it was important to be able to ride the long climb as quickly as possible while not completely exhausting oneself. The Innerbarends allowed me to vary my position from time to time reducing the overall level of exhaustion. Also, I am sure the more aerodynamic riding position helped a lot as the climb was long with a consistent but not too steep gradient. On the technical descends I did not find the Innerbarends obtrusive in any way. Even though one may need to get used to the new look, I will certainly be using the Innerbarends from now on in all my future races.” Max tells us with a smile on his face.

A new experience that has paid off!

Find out more about the SQlab Innerbarends 411 here

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We are number 1!

newsbild kundenzufriedenheit usAt the Delius Klasing Reader’s Awards 2016 SQlab scores 1st place twice in the category of customer satisfaction! 80% of the participating readers of the magazines BIKE and TOUR that already own a SQlab saddle, would buy an SQlab saddle again.

We can be more than proud of this high achievement and it shows us once again, that we are doing things right and our concepts perform as we intended.

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Leif Lampater - comeback in the German National Cycling Team!

sqlab MPB Lampater 2015Leif Lampater, who took 4th place at the Athen Olympics in 2004 with the German track cycling pursuit team, has now returned to the German National Cycling Team. A bronze medal at the German 4000m individual track pursuits and 4th place at the Autumn Qualifications in Frankfurt a.d. Oder with a personal best result, helped Leif to his nomination for the World Champs in New Zealand on 5th and 6th December 2015. The goal for Rio 2016 is set and according to Leif it is looking promising. We are proud for Leif and will be at his side making sure that he has a perfectly set up bike when hitting the track for Germany. His team colleagues from the Maloja Pushbikers wish him all the best and that after his return to the German National Team he will also qualify for Rio 2016.

Testwin for SQlab with highest score of 1.35!

sqlab-testsieg-bikesport-611-active-titubeWe are celebrating another test win!

Our premium MTB saddle SQlab 611 active TiTube wins with the highest score of 1.35 in the Bike Sport News 5-6 / 2015.

The Bike Sport News extensively tested 12 saddle models.
The SQlab concepts and principals are presented on a full seperate page.

The test win goes out to SQlab and the trained dealers, who ensure the sporty MTB saddle and also the normal bike saddle fit perfectly to the rider's anatomy, bike and riding style.

pdfLink to the Test2.63 MB




sqlab news eurobike 2016 US5 days expo – 5 days of SQlab product testing!
From 31. August 2016 to 04. September 2016 in Friedrichshafen.

Hall B3 – 404
Demo area DA – 402

We would like to welcome you for a visit to our exhibition booth in hall B3 – 404 and would love to show you our new products for 2017.

Ergonomic saddles, bars, grips – you already know about these products from the SQlab range! But we can do more ...

The DEMO days will be held over the entire duration of the expo for the first time ever allowing you - whether dealer or consumer - to test the new products first-hand at the SQlab outdoor booth!

We look forward to meeting you!



Scientific research confirms the SQlab unisex saddle concept!

sqlab news studie sporthochschule koelnCurrent scientific research undertaken at the Sports University of Cologne confirms both the unisex and saddle width concepts developed by SQlab in 2002. The research analyses the requirements of a perfect saddle by three key criteria: gender specifics, distance of the sitbone and pressure distribution in different riding positions. 120 male and 120 riders were measured. The results of the 2 year long research lead to the result that neither male nor female riders require a gender specific saddle, instead the sitbone distance and the riding positions are key. These findings confirm the unisex saddle concepts SQlab has successfully been using for 13 years as well as SQlab’s long standing and successful saddle width system.

Perforated plate proves successful for sitbone measurements
The patented measuring method of the sitbones with the perforated plate has been found to be considerably more accurate than the method with gel pads. In experience, the measurement using gel pads often doesn’t measure the sitbone distance as such, but rather the base of the muscles which can result in large variations of the measurement. The SQlab measuring method using the perforated plate or the proven cardboard method are considerably more accurate.

Hans Rey und Timmy C. ltd. Edition saddle models are now available!

sqlab news hans reySince over many years Hans Rey has been using a SQlab step saddle. Now, we have designed the perfectly matching saddle and grips for his new limited edition GT bike. Both are available for purchase through selected SQlab retailers.

A further limited edition saddle was made for rock star and base player from Rage Against the Machine, Tim Commerford. Tim is not just a rock star, he is also a passionate cyclist and finds mountainbiking a great way to get out. He swears by the long nose of the 611 active TiTube and is now able to ride his own personalised saddle. This limited edition saddle is now also available from selected SQlab retailers. But it will pay to be quick, as the production will be limited to 380 saddles and of those, Timmy C. has already received 30.

Both limited edition saddles are personalised 611 active TiTube saddles and available in all three sizes.

ERGOWAVE® - Performance Based Ergonomics

SQlab newsgrafik ergowave USThe new shape – a new era for SQlab! Developed in a research project and in collaboration with the University Hospital of Frankfurt and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Government funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. For the first time, we were able to calculate the forces occurring deep within the structures of the body and the maximum load between the cyclist and the bike saddle. The final result is the new ERGOWAVE saddle shape for a more ergonomically agressive seating position on the road and mountain bike, with the top marks among the maximum load in all tests. Get more informations

The big product launch will be at the Ziener Bikefestival from April 29th till 1st of May in Riva. You will find us in the Liteville store, directly at the traffic circle in Torbole. Come and satisfy yourself!

World premiere of the short film -Iceland Traverse-

sqlab news video hans rey iceland traverseYesterday the new video „Iceland Traverse" from bike legend and SnaQe Team rider Hans Rey and Steve Pete was released! An awe-inspiring video of their Iceland trip from North to South which they undertook in August 2015. Accompanied by local Runar Omarsson and the crew from Icebike Adventures, a stunning short film was made about the cold but breathtaking landscapes with spectacular slo-mo’s and riding scenes. Hans Rey is aboard his new limited edition GT bike with brand new SQlab limited edition saddle and the matching grips, which are by the way, available to you at your local SQlab retailer!
Check it out - it’s worth a look!

Timmy C. ltd. Edition saddle

sqlab timmy c. bike saddleTim Commerford, the tattooed bass player for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, is also a passionate cyclist. As a fanatical mountain biker who lives for steep and technical rides, he swears by the 611 active TiTube with its longer nose to aid in steering and climbing. To get his bandmates motivated to get out on the trails, he custom builds bikes for them and always recommends the 611 active saddle. The Timmy C. ltd. Edition 611 active saddle will be limited to a production run of only 380 saddles in total.

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