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Scientific research confirms the SQlab unisex saddle concept!

sqlab news studie sporthochschule koelnCurrent scientific research undertaken at the Sports University of Cologne confirms both the unisex and saddle width concepts developed by SQlab in 2002. The research analyses the requirements of a perfect saddle by three key criteria: gender specifics, distance of the sitbone and pressure distribution in different riding positions. 120 male and 120 riders were measured. The results of the 2 year long research lead to the result that neither male nor female riders require a gender specific saddle, instead the sitbone distance and the riding positions are key. These findings confirm the unisex saddle concepts SQlab has successfully been using for 13 years as well as SQlab’s long standing and successful saddle width system.

Perforated plate proves successful for sitbone measurements
The patented measuring method of the sitbones with the perforated plate has been found to be considerably more accurate than the method with gel pads. In experience, the measurement using gel pads often doesn’t measure the sitbone distance as such, but rather the base of the muscles which can result in large variations of the measurement. The SQlab measuring method using the perforated plate or the proven cardboard method are considerably more accurate.

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