The SQlab grip

The main tasks for the grips are to provide a secure hold for the hand, allow for precise steering and braking and provide comfort.

Only grips that fit perfectly to the hand can accomplish this which is why SQlab grips are available in different sizes. Scope of delivery = one pair of grips.

Pressure measurements at the contact points between the palms and the handlebar grips show that the most pressure is put on the outer sides of the hand. The ulnar nerve runs exactly along this point, which is responsible, among other things, for the sensitivity of the ring and little fi ngers and can cause numbness when using a handle without a relief wing.

The relief wing on the SQlab grips reduces pressure exactly at this point. Our wing is located on the outermost point in order to ensure a strong and safe grip, which is important on mountain bikes and also when braking quickly on the road.

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