ERGOLUX® - Ergonomics – comfort – movement

Move weightlessly through the city, easily heading to your destination and feeling the airstream through your own strength, feeling and experiencing nature and the city. In spite of the automobile, motorcycle and space shuttle, cycling continues to be the most fascinating and – as you may know today – the most efficient type of locomotion for 200 years. As part of a research project aimed at devel-oping the perfect saddle, scientists, doctors, technicians and all sorts of cyclists have conducted research down to the last detail and continuously made improvements so that a simply shape can ultimately form the perfect complement to the cyclist. After the second season of ERGOWAVE®, we are now ready to present the comfort variant for cyclists who sit somewhat more upright on their travel, everyday, city and trekking bikes.

ERGOLUX® – more free space – more move-ment – less pressure, ERGOLUX® is the comfort version of the successful SQlab ERGOWAVE® saddle shape. Three models, each with different widths for every application, every bicycle and, above all, every behind.


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