Saddle 602 active DS 15cm

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DS - the new generation of SQlab's step saddle design!
For the first time seen on our premium saddle for high end trekking bikes and a slightly forward riding position.
The first step reduces the pressure to the pelvis and distributes the rider weight to the sit bones, just like on all other SQlab saddles. The second step distributes the rider weight evenly and comfortably within the sit bones and provides an even more comfortable ride.
The active system ensures the saddle can follow the biomechanical movement of the pelvis, the comfort is increased and both the spinal discs and the pressure to the sit bones are relieved. Premium materials and a very hard-wearing side cover ensure an extended life time. Suitable for both men and women.

Area of use Trekking
Length (mm) 280
Weight (g) 472
Hardness in SQ-shore 45
Relief of perineal area (%) 70
Material Rails CrMo
Material Cover K18 B78
Material Padding Trekking Foam
active Technology 2 active-sticks (removable)
max. Weight (kg) 130
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