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Maloja Pushbiker Team

If you do something with passion, you've already won. That's the Pushbiker's idea. It unites the love of cycling. The urge to break with conventions and inspire young riders. Founded in 2010 and at home in the Bavarian Oberland, track and road are the terrain of the pushbikers. In addition, there is a women's team (Maloja Pushbikers Fem) and their own junior team (Maloja Pushbikers Future Stars).

Sitting in the saddle for hours on end is the order of the day with the boys. The Maloja pushbikers mainly swear by the triathlon saddle 613 and the race saddle 612 Carbon.

German Technology Team

A team that we have been successfully supporting for 3 years.

The team puts its knowledge, the team spirit and the well-known professional youth work on broad feet. The top of the German Technology Team is mainly to be found in the XC Bundesliga and World Cup Circus. In addition to the well-known races, the team also covers the marathon scene and events such as the Bike Festival in Riva. 

Among others, Maximilian Holz will be there. Born in Munich, he has been responsible for ergonomics, research & development in the performance area at SQlab since completing his bachelor's degree in sports science. 

Lexware Racing Team

More than 200 children have been attending mountain bike training and regional races in Kirchzarten week after week for many years. Sportsmen of the SV Kirchzarten regularly take the top places in the races of the Black Forest Kids Cup. As a logical consequence of this successful youth work, Daniel Berhe founded the Lexware Mountainbike Team in 2008.

In the Lexware Mountainbike Team, talented young people have since found the conditions that make mountain biking at the highest level possible. The decisive idea of the team from the Hochschwarzwald is to support talented people on their way to the elite category. The further development of individual skills - on the mountain bike as well as personally - is just as important as the successful combination of sport with school and job.

The goal for 2020 is to qualify for the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.

Oliver Dorn

SQlab Teammember since: 2014 

Discipline: Enduro

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because I spend a lot of time on the bike and it is therefore important to me to be on the road without pain.

SQlab favourite product: Ergowave Alcantara

Motto: You only live once (hört sich dumm an, ist aber so)

Lift or pedal? Lift

Carbon or S-Tube? Carbon

12° or 16°? 12°

Hans Rey

SQlab Teammember since: ever and ever

Discipline: Adventure, Trial, Freeride and Ebike 

Being part of the SQlab team means for me driving the best products and being part of a cool and innovative team/company.

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because: of course it is very important, especially once you have experienced the advantages of correct ergonomics. 

Favourite Product: 611 active Sattel (14) because of the long nose

Greatest success: To have seen the world and to make my hobby my profession = Lifestyle

Nina Hoffmann

SQlab Teammember since: 2018

Discipline: Downhill/Enduro

Being part of the SQlab team means for me: to be allowed to ride ergonomically thought out saddles!

SQlab Favourite Product: 60X and 611 Ergowave active

Greatest success: 2x 6. Place UCI DH WC 2018 (Val di Sole and La Bresse); 9. Platz DH WM 2018; German Champion 2018 DH

Road or Trails? Trail

Carbon or S-Tube? Carbon

12° or 16°? 12°

Tom Öhler

SQlab Teammember since: 2017

Discipline: Trial & Trail & Abenteuer

Ergonomics in cycling is important for me, because during my adventure journeys I often spend days on my bike, when there is pressure somewhere on the way I can have bigger problems - so I can get involved in my adventure one hundred percent.

SQlab Favourite products: 7OX grips, 611 ERGOWAVE® ltd. S´Qantara & last but not least

Greatest success: Nobody was ever faster on 400m hurdles than me, I was just on the road with my bike.

Lift or pedal? firs Lift, then pedaling and carrying my bike

Carbon or S-Tube? Carbon (instead of condition???)

Manfred Stromberg

SQlab Teammember since : ever and ever

Discipline: Mountainbike

For me, being part of the SQlab team means being authentic in my choice of partner: I ride the best saddles in the world. My ass spends a lot of time on them. I owe it to him!

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because it is immediately noticeable! Cycling without pain with control is simply more fun.

SQlab Favourite Product: Grips 7OX and 711 Tech & Trail and Ergowave 611 Carbon 

Greatest successes: Having as much fun cycling as you had when you were eleven.
This resulted in 3 German championship titles BMX and one runner-up DH.

Carbon orS-Tube? Carbon.

12° or 16°? 12°

Jasper Jauch

SQlab Team member since: 2016
Discipline: Downhill & Enduro
Being part of the SQlab team means for me to have understood ergonomics.
Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because especially as a professional or bike enthusiast you spend a lot of time on your bike. So, it is important to prevent injuries and complaints prophylactically and to increase performance. Ergonomics helps to achieve my goals better.
Favourite product: 611 Ergowave active, 7OX grips, 3OX handlebars

Your most beautiful moment on the bike: There were too many beautiful moments for me to confine myself to one. In racing, however, I can say that the 2016 World Cup in Val di Sole was the best run of my life.

My greatest successes: German Downhillcup Overall Winner 2015, Vice Champion 2016, 29er World Cup Val di Sole