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Stevie Schneider

SQlab team rider since:

Discipline: Freeride

Ergonomics in cycling helps me: To grow old without pain

SQlab favorite products: Cobra Signature saddle

Greatest successes: Having fun cycling after all these years

Motto: Always moving forwards

Tomomi Nishikubo

SQlab team rider since: 2021

Discipline: Trials, Freeride

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because: I've spent so much time on the bike in my life, so it's very important for me to choose the right parts for my body to feel good and perform at the best possible level.

SQlab favorite products: 7OX grips and 3OX trial handlebars.

Greatest successes: 2x Japanese champion, video "Chase her"

Motto: Do what people have never done before.

Trails or Street: Street

Photo credits: Naoki Morita

Eliott Lapotre

SQlab team rider since: 2019

Discipline: Freeride 

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because: I sit on my bike every day and I want my body to last longer than I can. SQlab favorite products: 70X grips, 6OX Ergowave saddle.  

Motto: Simplicity 

Road or trails: Trails

Carbon or S-Tube: S-Tube 

12° or 16°: 12

Stefan Bötticher

SQlab team member since: 2020

Discipline: Track sprint

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: I have to bring maximum power to the track in the shortest possible time and without the necessary stability "under my ass" a lot of power is lost.

SQlab favorite products: 612 Ergowave & 612 Ergowave R Carbon

Greatest success: World Champion Sprint and Teamsprint

Carbon or S-Tube: Carbon, because every gram counts

Photo credits: Dirk Dießel & morecadence

Emma Hinze

SQlab team member since: 2020

Discipline: Track Cycling

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: I don't ride that long at the moment and don't have a lot of time to get the most out of myself, so everything has to be right in a few seconds.

SQlab favorite product: 610 Ergolux active & 612 R

Greatest success: 3x World Champion, 3 World Cup wins, 4x Junior World Champion, 5x Junior European Champion

Motto: What comes easy won’t last long and what lasts long won’t come easy 

Photo credits: Frank Hammerschmidt

Hans Rey

SQlab Team member since: ever and ever

Discipline: Adventure, Trial, Freeride and Ebike 

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: of course it is very important, especially once you have experienced the advantages of correct ergonomics. 

SQlab favorite products: 611 active because of the long nose

Greatest success: To have seen the world and to make my hobby my profession = Lifestyle

Richie Schley

SQlab team member since: 2021

Discipline: Mountain Biking. everything but no races

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: reducing the problems I have in my battered body by using products that offer solutions. I spend so much time on my bike that it should fit as well as possible and as precisely as possible.

SQlab favorite product: 60X Active S-Tube

Greatest success: Canadian BMX Champion 1999, Pioneer of MTB Freeride Movement, 7th at Redbull Rampage, 4 Rampage participations, 3rd Joyride Slopestyle at Crankworx, career as a professional ski, mountain biker and MBX racer.

Motto: “Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who are bothered by it don't count and those who are counting are not bothered by it. ”- Dr. Seuss

Timo Pritzel

SQlab team member since: 2016

Discipline: Freeride, Dirt, Enduro

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: As a long bike professional & yoga teacher, I know how important it is to look at the details! I learned a lot about myself and my body from my injuries. The SQlab handlebar makes a huge difference to my shoulders and I wonder how I was able to ride the handlebars almost completely straight for so long!

SQlab favorite products: 30X 12 °, 70X, 6OX Ergowave, 611 Ergowave Carbon, insole 216 Fusion, Q mattress!

Greatest successes: I'm living my bike dream! World Champion BMX Dirt, 2nd place Crankworx Slopestyle, 1st place Chatel Big Mountains Style, World Record High Jump, ...

Motto: my bike took me places school never could! You can't stop the wave but you can learn how to surf it. Be a Warrior not a Worrier. Explore the inner space not Mars.

Timmy C.

SQlab team member since: 2013

Discipline: bass player

SQlab favorite products: 6OX Timmy C. of course;)

Greatest successes: Hell Yes!

Motto: No pain, no gain!

The bassist of "Rage Against the Machine", Tim Commerford (aka Timmy C.) is not only a gifted rock star but also a passionate biker. The 6OX Timmy C. is the second edition of its ltd. Edition.

Tom Öhler

SQlab Team member since: 2017

Discipline: Trial & Trail & Adventures

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: during my adventure journeys I often spend days on my bike, when there is pressure somewhere on the way I can have bigger problems - so I can get involved in my adventure one hundred percent.

SQlab favorite products: 7OX grips, 611 ERGOWAVE® ltd. S´Qantara

Greatest success: Nobody was ever faster on 400m hurdles than me, I was just on the road with my bike.

Lift or pedal? firs Lift, then pedaling and carrying my bike

Carbon or S-Tube? Carbon (instead of condition???)

Holger Meyer

SQlab team member since: 2016

Discipline: Trails, Mountains, Adventure, EMTB, Runs together with Karen Eller www.dierasenmaeher.de

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: I sit on the bike very often and the SQlab products are the ideal connection between body and bike.

SQlab favorite products: Super saddles and top grips, my favorite is the 611 Ergowave and the 70X grips in small. Riding the best products and being part of a cool team is a lot of fun.

Greatest success: For me, the greatest success is that after 30 years of mountain biking I can still ride the most beautiful trails and that with top products and, most recently, even with my family, I can experience these great moments together, that's amazing.

Motto: Be thankful!

Photo credits: Andreas Vigl

Karen Eller

SQlab team member since: 2016

Discipline: Trails, All Mountain, Adventures

Together with Holger Meyer, we take bikers with us on bike experiences at our camps, events and adventures.

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: I sit on my bike almost every day in summer. Since I've been on the bike with the SQlab products, I haven't had any back problems either.

SQlab favorite product: My favorite product is the 611 Ergowave saddle in Endless Summer Blue and the matching 70X grips. I am proud to be part of the SQlab team and to be able to use the good ergonomic products.

Motto: I love adventures with my bike. And try to take positive mental and physical challenges in life with and without a bike.

Photo credits: Maria Knoll; Andreas Vigl; Max Schumann

Manfred Stromberg

SQlab Teammember since : ever and ever

Discipline: Mountainbike

For me, being part of the SQlab team means: being authentic in my choice of partner: I ride the best saddles in the world. My ass spends a lot of time on them. I owe it to him!

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: it is immediately noticeable! Cycling without pain with control is simply more fun.

SQlab favorite products: Grips 7OX and 711 Tech & Trail and Ergowave 611 Carbon 

Greatest successes: Having as much fun cycling as you had when you were eleven. This resulted in 3 German championship titles BMX and one runner-up DH.

Carbon or S-Tube? Carbon

Mike Kluge

SQlab team member since: 1993

Discipline: cyclocross, road, mountain bike and e-bike

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: You can only have 100% fun if you sit pain-free and have a good feeling on the handlebars

SQlab favorite products: 611 Ergowave active, 6OX, 611 Ergowave Alcantara

Greatest successes: 13x German cyclocross / MTB champion, 3x world champion cyclocross amateur 1985/87 and professional 1992, overall world cup winner 1990, DH World Cup victory in Kaprun, road tour winner, multiple marathon winner 1997/98

Motto: Speed brings security

Hannes Slavik

SQlab team member since: 2020

Discipline: 4x, Dual, Urban Dh-Race Events, Enduro, BMX, Pump Track

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: an optimally personalized setup has a positive effect on performance and an ergonomically unsuitable saddle is an absolute "fun killer" on every ride, no matter how nice it is.

SQlab favorite products: 611 ERGOWAVE® active Carbon, 3OX ltd. Camo 9 °, 7OX, ONE10

Greatest success: UCI 4x Vice World Champion, Kalnica Bike Festival "King of the Hill" & "King of the Pumptrack", 1st place Downmall Prague, 2nd place 4x Pro Tour Overall, 2nd place 4x Fort William, 1st place 4x Pro Tour Poland, 1st place 4x Pro Tour Val di Sole, Italy, 1st place Red Bull Pumptrack Neunkierchen and Leogang

Photo credits: Markus Slavik Photography

Jari Claes

SQlab team rider since: 2021

Discipline: Triathlon

Ergonomics in cycling is important for me because: I want to be pain-free even after several hours on the saddle. 

SQlab favorite products: 613 R Carbon 

Your biggest successes: 7th place Xterra South Africa / 2nd place Overall Ak, Challenge St. Pölten

Carbon or S-Tube? Carbon

Motto? Chase until you are the hunted! 

Julian Erhardt

SQlab team member since: 2019

Discipline: Triathlon

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: It's an important component of performance.

SQlab favorite products: 612R and 613

Greatest success: Overall winner BASF Triathlon Cup Rhein Neckar 2018 and 2019, 3rd place Chiemsee Triathlon middle distance 2019, 5th place Challenge Heilbronn 2019

Motto: Whoever stops getting better has started to be bad.

Carbon or S-Tube: Carbon plus condition

Matthias Schindler

SQlab team member since: 2016

Discipline: Road / Individual Time Trial

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: I'm not sitting perfectly on the bike due to my disability and I usually only notice too late when something is wrong. It's important that the contact points with the bike are adjusted to me as well as possible.

SQlab favorite products: 612 Ergowave R Carbon

Greatest successes: Vice World Time Trial Champion 2018 and 2019, Overall World Cup Winner 2018, World Cup Gold Time Trial Ostend 2019, World Cup Gold Road Baie-Comeau 2018, World Cup Silver Time Trial Emmen 2018, World Cup Bronze Time Trial Ostend 2018, German Master Road 2017

Motto: The joy of life drives me. Its perfect now!

Road or trails: Although I ride almost exclusively on the road: Trails

Wolfgang Sacher

SQlab team member since: 2005

Discipline: cycling (road racing, individual time trial, track 1 km (time trial) and 4 km pursuit)

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: I urgently need pressure relief with my handicap (one-armed). On the one hand in the hand area, but more importantly in the seating area. Due to my handicap, I cannot go into the so-called saddle kick and occasionally relieve it. I always have to sit down! Because of this, I had great pain in the sit bones, coccyx and enormous pressure pain in the pubic bone area and great numbness. For over 10 years I have been using SQlab saddles for racing bikes and MTBs. My experience: without pain, optimal performance!

Greatest successes: 17-time German champion; Gold-Silver-Bronze Paralympics Beijing 2008.

Motto: Only those who fight can lose. Who does not fight has already lost!

Stefan Müller

SQlab team member since: 2018

Discipline: Bike mountaineering, MTB adventure, MTB trail ... I often don't know what my style is called :-)

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: A good bike is only half the battle. Always having the bike properly under control is crucial for me. This works 100% with SQlab and helps me with all my adventures.

SQlab favorite products: The 30X carbon handlebar / of course the 70X handle

Greatest successes: being healthy and being able to sit on the bike every day. To make people happy with my projects, films and videos. Turned my hobby into a job. I like to be fast on snow. 1st and 2nd place in the Ridehardonsnow Winter Race. But when I do race I only race for fun and for a change.

Motto: always on the handlebar

Guido Tschugg

SQlab team member since: 2015

Discipline: E-MTB Freeride

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: I don't sit much in my cycling sport, but when I sit I want to sit healthy

SQlab favorite products: 7OX handles

Greatest successes: World Cup victories 4X, World Champion Downhill Masters, Vice European Champion 4X, multiple German Champion 4X, 2x RedBull Rampage participant (11th place)

Motto: Nothing better than a day in the dirt with some friends

Michael Strasser

SQlab team member since: 2018

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: you have to turn every screw in order to be successful

SQlab favorite product: 612 R carbon (because I have a weight fetish and the saddle is great despite its low weight)

Greatest success: 2018 Alaska> Patagonia 23,000km solo in 84.5 days (official Guinness record), 2016 Africa Cairo> Capetown 11,000km in 34.5 days, 3x overall winner triathlon over Ironman distance

Motto: If an idea doesn't sound absurd, it's no good (Einstein)

Road or trails: 90% road, 10% MTB for the soul

Carbon or S-Tube: Carbon!

Katharina Kruse

SQlab team member since: 2021

Discipline: Enduro

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me, because: I want to avoid long-term damage from poor posture / stress.

SQlab favorite products: 70X grips, 6OX Ergowave saddle

Greatest success: 1st place 3-country enduro, 1st place Riders Trophy final and the overall victory in the trail trophy series

Motto: The journey is the goal

Carbon or S-Tube: a mix of both

Kerstin Kögler

SQlab team member since: 2012

Discipline: Former professional mountain biker Enduro, Cross Country & Marathon

Ergonomics in cycling is important to me,  because: I don't just want to perform, I want to feel good on my bike. For me, an individually tailored bike means: fun and freedom of movement as well as fewer blockages in the back, symptom-free sitting and pain-free wrists.

SQlab favorite products: 30X 12 °, 60X Active, 80X, 70X, 711

Greatest successes: In 2016 I expanded my independence as a trainer to include mental coaching, 2016 Enduro World Series, La Thuile, 13th place, 2015 Lenzerheide Bike Attack, mass start downhill, 1st place, 2015 Trans Savoie, High Alpine Enduro stage race, 2nd place 2011 to go my own way with the step into self-employment as a mountain bike professional.

Julia Edtbauer

SQlab team rider since: 2023

Discipline: Downhill

Ergonomics in cycling helps me: to get out my best possible performance

SQlab favorite product: grip 7OX, saddle 611 ERGOWAVE® active 2.1, handlebar 3OX 12°

Results: 1st place European Downhill Cup, 3rd place Crankworx Innsbruck

Motto: Ride bikes be happy

Carbon or S-Tube: S-Tube

Matthias Alberti 

SQlab team rider since: 2023

Discipline: MTB Marathon

Ergonomics in cycling helps me: perform better

SQlab favorite product: Saddle 612 ERGOWAVE® R Carbon, SQ-Short ONE12

Results: since 2010 over 35 victories in national and international MTB marathons

Motto: work hard play fair

Carbon or S-Tube: Carbon

Nina Gunther

SQlab team rider since: 2021

Discipline: MTB and Roadbike

Ergonomics in cycling helps me: to get more power to the pedal

SQlab favorite product: SQ-Short ONE12 Women, 712 handelbar tape, 611 ERGOWAVE® saddle

Results: Sportful Dolomiti - Medio Fondo - 1st

Motto: Every ride is a tiny holiday.

Carbon or S-Tube: S-Tube

More SQlab Team Member

Lexware Racing Team

More than 200 children have been attending mountain bike training and regional races in Kirchzarten week after week for many years. Sportsmen of the SV Kirchzarten regularly take the top places in the races of the Black Forest Kids Cup. As a logical consequence of this successful youth work, Daniel Berhe founded the Lexware Mountainbike Team in 2008.

In the Lexware Mountainbike Team, talented young people have since found the conditions that make mountain biking at the highest level possible. The decisive idea of the team from the Hochschwarzwald is to support talented people on their way to the elite category. The further development of individual skills - on the mountain bike as well as personally - is just as important as the successful combination of sport with school and job.

The goal for 2020 is to qualify for the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.

Atlantic Cycling

Atlantic Cycling was founded in 2005 and is now the largest mountainbike tour operator at La Palma, the Canary Islands.

Guided bike tours are offered daily in different levels of difficulty. The tour operator specializes in Enduro-, Freeride-, and EBike tours. With Atlantic Cycling you can get to know all areas of La Palma on the MTB.

All guides are trained technical instructors of the MTB-Academy Stefan Herrmann, who unterstand their job with a lot of know-how.

Atlantic Cycling is the point of contact No. 1 for bikers who want to spend an allround carefree bike holiday. Atlantic Cycling Partners are: Propain Bikes, Magura, SQlab, Mondraker, Bosch, Schwalbe, Sport Import and many more…


WE LOVE RIDING HAPPYTRAILS - already says a lot about us. Biking with all its facets is our great love. We share these with all participants, starting at the age of three, successfully for more than 12 years now.

It is important for us to have fun biking together in a pleasant environment. Loose atmosphere. Without stress. No pressure to perform. With unique and high-quality bike experiences – led by professional guides and riding technique trainers.  

Professionally trained guides and coaches 

Our entire HappyTrails team now counts around 30 people. Professional training and further education is very imprtant to us. For this reason, we only have certified guides and riding technique trainers.

The trail fun is never neglected on our tours. Regular internal training is conducted by Andy Rieger, founder and head of HappyTrails.de. Andy is a mountain bike and e-mountain bike editor and a member of the DIMB federal teaching team.

We think the partnership with SQlab is a perfect mix for dreamlike HappyTrails! If you want to find out more about us, visit us on HappyTrails.

Team Dorval Downhill Team

Founded by the ROC VTT Club, Dorval AM Pro Racing Team was born 5 years ago and managed to become an UCI Elite Team in 2019. We share the same values: respect, integrity and athleticism.

The Dorval AM Pro Racing Team remains in 8th place in the UCI Team Standings after this strange 2020 season. We are proud of how our athletes have overcome the challenges of a global pandemic, staying motivated and getting the most out of their skills.

Benoit Coulanges had a fantastic season and won the French title, he also regularly Top 20s in the World Cup. So did Baptiste Pierron, who scored a Top 10 result in the first World Cup race of the season and drastically improved his consistency.

Our riders Camille and Monika both grabbed the national title, only to achieve their best result of their careers in Leogang, Austria, shortly afterwards.

Camille became World Champion, while Monika won the bronze medal!

What a performance of our team, the whole team couldn't be prouder.

Nicolai Racing Team

The new Enduro racing team of the German manufacturer Nicolai consists of three riders who already bring some national as well as international racing experience and successes to the team: Lena Arndt, Marvin Kaufmann aka Mupfen and Tim Schüz. The three of them have been riding together as friends for a long time and form a well-rehearsed team in which everyone brings their individual mix of skills and personality.

The team is particularly pleased about the collaboration with SQlab. The material support with ergonomic saddles and grips ensures pain-free rides, a positive impact on performance and 100% fun.

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