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Grip Size Measurement

The personal grip size is important.

Grip size is the measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the crook of the thumb.

In the new SQlab grip series, sizes differ in range, length (only the 702, 710) and shape.

Sizes & Weights 



(total in mm)


(measured at 1/3 of the total range)


(in g pair)

SQlab 711S134,898,0128
SQlab 711
SQlab 711
SQlab 7OX
S134,8 96,8132
SQlab 7OX
Reliability - the raised grips keep hands on the handlebar, even things get rough
Cushioning - the added material at the end of the grips provides more "spring deflection"
One Piece - the end of the grip is closed. End plugs are no more needed.
Steep - the increased height extends around the grip that maximum cushioning is always provided, even in steep descents
Surface - the flattened outer shape drawn slightly forward rearward reduces pressure.

Clamping on the inside – 
Comfort in the outside

The 711 optimizes cushioning on the outside in every detail.

The clamp is on the inside and the grip is pulled slightly upwards on the outside to provide maximum cushioning.

Texture zone 7OX

Diamond zone - for the perfect support in any weather
Comfort zone - for optimum shock absorption
Grip zone - for a secure grip with every single finger

Secure grip

Angular and two-dimensional

Handlebars are round, and grips are also mostly round because it is simple. But fingers are anything but round: They easily slip on a round object and cannot hold on unlike, for instance, a flat table corner.

Like a tool in a hand

Only with a perfect fit do you have everything under control and can control the bike.


The Ergobar is a wave-shaped profile on the front and right side, which produces a flat, slightly angular grip bottom.

A perfect fit for angular, bent fingers.

Ergonomics thought out in the detail - and all around.

The slightly wavy shape of the Ergobars maps the different finger lengths of the hand. 

More surface

As round as necessary and as flat as possible.

Round grip
Round grip
Round may sound comfortable, but round shapes on grips only produce a small, limited surface area.
Grip with a wing
Grip with a wing

An ergonomic grip with a wing reduces pressure considerably, but a secure grip may no longer be suited to all terrains under certain circumstances.

The SQlab grip concept
The SQlab grip concept

Flattened and drawn forward and down forward to maximize the surface area comfort. The fingers can wrap around the grip securely. 


Pressure measurement at the SQlaboratory

Pressure measurements are carried out with an electronic pressure measuring foil/mat. We have been using pressure measurement since 15 years in the saddle development.
Together with a manufacturer of pressure sensors, we were now able to further develop the system and make it flexible enough to be able to wrap the printing mat around the grip. Some of our premium dealer partners also use our pressure measuring system in the consultation.

Pressure measurements compared

The left grip is respectively illustrated. Even less finger pressure is seen above in the front grip area.

SQlab grip 711
SQlab grip 711
The flat support surface and the added material on the outside reduce pressure to a completely new level with the MTB grips.
SQlab grip 7OX
SQlab grip 7OX

With the 7OX, despite the continuous clamp sleeve and the harder rubber, the pressure is barely higher than with the 711.

Round Lock Grip XY
Round Lock Grip XY

The small surface due to the circular shape, combined with a rubber layer that is only very thin as a result of the clamping leads to massive pressure peaks.

Round Ergo ZY grip
Round Ergo ZY grip

The ergonomic, round grip cannot outwit physics, the pressure remains high and even extends in the direction of the carpal tunnel exit.

MTB Grip ZX! with a wing
MTB Grip ZX! with a wing

The hard stiff wing reduces the pressure slightly, but distributes it unfavourably to the carpal tunnel exit.


Innerbarend ready

In any case for long distances the use of the Innerbarends is recommended. 

Grip models 711, 710 and 702 are Innerbarend ready.

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