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How to find the right bike saddle?

Just like the individual shoe size, the sit bone distance varies from person to person. SQlab saddles are available in different widths due to these differences. We developed the concept of saddle widths back in 2002 and established an uncomplicated measurement method. This ensures that the body weight is evenly distributed over the sit bones and the sensitive areas are relieved.

SQlab Sit bone measurement

A SQlab dealer can quickly measure the sit bone distance or you can easily measure yourself at home with our free "Family & Friends" measurement kit. 

Depending on the area of use and sitting position, the value of your own sitting position is added to the measured sit bone distance. The more upright you are, the wider the saddle should be in order to provide as much contact surface as possible. The SQlab saddle models are available in up to four different widths. This guarantees that the sit bones are in full contact with the saddle, regardless of the riding position. This is the only way to relieve the sensitive perineal area of men and the usually lower pubic arch of women.

How do you find the right saddle model?

Once the sit bone distance has been determined, the next step is to select the appropriate saddle width based on the riding position. Our areas of use and respective seating positions are road bike, MTB, trekking and city.


Whether man or woman, the saddle has to fit

Our saddles are unisex, as the seat bone distance between male and female anatomy is not gender-specific. The differences in the pubic arch are not decisive for the choice of saddle. What is more important is the contact surface for the sit bones and ischial branches, as well as even pressure distribution and the right saddle width for men and women.

Example narrow saddle

A saddle that is too narrow causes discomfort in the sit bones and increased pressure in the perineal area, as the sit bones slide back and forth on the sides of the saddle or sink completely down the sides. As a result, the sensitive perineal area is lower, the soft tissues, blood supply and nerve tracts are disturbed and cause numbness, for example. The saddle width system and the stepped saddle principle provide the sit bones with full-surface support, which distributes the pressure evenly. This also promotes riding comfort, pedaling efficiency and back-friendliness.


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