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More grip and less pressure with the new "Soft Compound"

Numb fingers and motor disorders of the hand are not uncommon when mountain biking. Studies have shown that strain measured with round comparative grips on the ergometer can lead to nerve damage. However, the load on the terrain is many times higher. This is why we have been using pressure measurement systems in development for 20 years to gradually reduce the pressure on the hand. Our approach is to reduce the pressure peaks at the outer end of the grip by increasing the contact area without compromising different grip positions. The aim is to maintain grip strength for longer, thereby improving handling and ultimately being faster.

Test setup

Five test subjects were fitted on our adjustment wheel and all grips were tested with the same setting and the same handlebar (3OX Carbon 12°). The SQlab 7OX 2.0 Pro, a classic round grip and a round ergonomic grip were measured.

Test procedure

The test subjects each had two minutes to get used to the new grip and to individually adjust the inclination of the 7OX 2.0 Pro. Afterwards, 30 seconds were recorded at a constant cadence. The pressure measurement images shown below are all from the same test subject.


The basis for comparison is a classic round grip. The round shape distributes the entire load over a very small area. The extremely high pressure on the outside leads to irritation of the ulnar nerve. The consequences are pressure pain and numbness on the little finger and ring finger.

Grip 7OX 2.0 Pro

Classic round grip

The increased support on the outer edge of the hand is effective. The pressure is reduced by 50 % on the new 7OX 2.0 Pro. This is partly due to the better TPE compound, but mainly to the larger surface area that can be loaded.

Ergonomic round

The ergonomic round grip cannot outwit physics. The pressure remains high, only the larger volume can reduce the pressure peaks somewhat.

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