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Grip 7OX 2.0 Pro Black | S

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7OX 2.0 Pro

The 7OX 2.0 Pro
is a Gravity & Downhill grip
for ultimative performance 

The new generation of the 7OX grip - the Pro 2.0 sets new standards with improved rubber compound and new grip design to provide less arm pump and more comfort. All changes to the 7OX 2.0 grip result in improved ergonomics, even better form fit, precise grip and secure feedback in every riding situation.

Optimum Fit:

The 7OX 2.0 Pro is now available in 3 sizes. A new version in size L has been added to provide optimum control for riders with larger hands. The entire grip has gained 5mm in length compared to the previous model. If the hand holds the grip at a slight angle, there is now more space to benefit optimally from the comfort of the grip and not feel any loss of control. The three sizes differ in diameter to guarantee a tailored fit. 

Intelligent clamping for more cushioning: The clamping is located in the first third on the inside, which significantly improves cushioning and comfort on the outside of the hand.
Textured Ergobar: The Ergobar feature can be found on all our grips. It perfectly reproduces the angled fingers and provides a secure grip. We have also equipped the 7OX 2.0 Pro with a new textured zone. It gives the hand a precise grip in every direction, feedback and a secure feeling when riding.
Raised: The end of the grip is cushioned and raised outwards to cushion the ball of the hand on rough descents and provide additional protection in the case of crashes.

Updated ergonomics for defined grip, maximum comfort and an overall better feeling for the grip. 

Especially in downhill, freeriding and other gravity disciplines, the "grip" contact point is crucial for fast times, precise lines, safe landings and relaxed, long days in the bike park. The redesign of the 7OX 2.0 Pro grip results in even better grip ergonomics, which has a positive effect on arm strength. If the grip alone offers a lot of support and conveys a secure grip and riding feeling, the handlebars do not have to be gripped as tightly, which has a positive effect on arm strength and can thus counteract arm pump and cramping hands.

Dipped: The 7OX 2.0 Pro has a recessed dip on the inside of the grip for the index finger. The index finger is slightly lower in level when gripping and now has an even better support thanks to the dip.
Diamond structure: For defined grip and control in all weather conditions.

Best materials for long-lasting performance:

The softer, even grippier "soft compound" provides secure feedback while still offering good abrasion resistance.

Maximum control in any terrain:

The gravity and downhill grip offers unmatched grip, even in the most adverse conditions. Mud and wet conditions are no obstacle here.

Cushioned grip outside

protects the palm of the hand and provides comfort. An additional buffer zone protects the grip in the event of a fall.

Prevent arm pump and save energy

Our internal tests have proven that the new 7OX 2.0 Pro grip can prevent pressure peaks and positively influence arm muscle fatigue.

The well-known problem of arm pump is always present when mountain biking. If the muscles of the forearm are tensed for a longer period of time, coupled with rapidly recurring impacts from braking waves, root carpets etc., the blood flow in the blood vessels is reduced. This results in the feeling that the forearms are " shutting down", which leads to a loss of strength in the hand muscles.

In order to investigate this loss of strength, SQlab examined the activation of the forearm muscles using electromyography (EMG) measurements (measures the electrical impulses in the muscle, which indicate the degree of activation of the muscle). In addition, acceleration sensors on the handlebars were used to record the unevenness in the form of vibrations in the ground and a grip force measurement.

Based on the results of the study with our MTB handlebars and 7OX grips (with different compounds), a new TPE compound was developed for the 7OX Pro grip for more damping and control in order to further reduce arm pump for all ambitious riders.

Basis: round, standard grip

The extremely high pressure on the outside leads to irritation of the ulnar nerve. The consequences are pressure pain and numbness on the little finger and ring finger.

Comparison: 7OX 2.0 Pro

The increase in support on the outer edge of the hand is effective. The pressure is reduced by 50%. This is partly due to the better TPE compound and the fact that the pressure peak is distributed over a larger area (4 sensors instead of 2 sensors).

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Technical specifications at a glance
2964 / 2965 / 2966 / 2961 / 2962 / 2963
MTB Gravity & E-Performance
approx. 102 / 116 / 138
Shock Absorption Compound
S / M / L
98 / 103 / 110
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