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Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16° low

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Sitting Position Stretched / Moderate
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30 % less vibration through the SQlab FL-X technology

Syntace and SQlab are the only manufacturers to remain undamaged in the large Bike Magazine break test. In addition to stability, SQlab focuses on damping behaviour. Accordingly, the 311 FL-X was developed with regard to flex behaviour. In an extensive study, we were able to prove that virtually all high-quality handlebars have damping characteristics between 0 % and 15 %, depending on their intensity. 311 FL-X has 30% more flex.

Lukas Baum and Georg Egger win the Cape Epic

What a race - What a sporting achievement! A race could not have been more exciting. In a thrilling finale, the two guys take a surprising overall victory of the toughest MTB stage race in the world ahead of all the well-known professional riders. On the race track are Lukas Baum and Georg Egger with the 311 FL-X Carbon. 

Rigid handle bars - transmits the vibrations on the rider.
311 FL-X handle bars - with optimized damping properties reduces fine vibrations as well as large G-forces.

Less Vibration

At accelerations of up to 50 m/s² (which corresponds to approximately 5g, i.e. 5 times the earth's gravitational pull), the SQlab 311 FL-X reduces the loads on the handarm system by 18 % to 20 %. The other tested handlebars can only "work" little or not at all at these accelerations and thus reduce the load only insignificantly.

These accelerations/impacts, frequently occur during mountain biking, e.g. with root sections or braking bumps. The mountain bike specific problem "arm pump" is evident. The result is numbness of the fingers and premature fatigue. At higher loads the 3OX Carbon achieves the highest reduction according to the area of use.

Which Backsweep-Type are you? 

16° Backsweep 

stretched out riding position, Hardtail, Racefully

12° Backsweep 

upright riding position, All Mountain, Enduro

Technical specifications at a glance
Area of use
MTB Race
Width in (mm)
Shortened maximum width (mm)
Rise (mm)
Backsweep (°)
Upsweep (°)
Weight (g)
approx. 199
Clamping (mm)
Downsweep (°)
Stretch (mm)
Clamping width of the stem
min. 46mm - max. 58mm
Description at a glance

Fast, light, sporty and agile. 

Who would have thought that the SQlab ergonomics experts are also quite good in high-tech, material science and carbon manufacturing. 

  • Stability: Syntace and SQlab are the only manufacturers to remain in the big bike magazine break test without damage.
  • Weight: At 200g, the handlebar is one of the lightest and most stable on the market.
  • Ergonomics: With a sporty sitting position and a handlebar width from 740mm and under 9° backsweep, the wrists are always overstretched. SQlab currently has the monopoly for sporty MTB handlebars.
  • Damping: The 311 FL-X has been developed with regard to flex behaviour. In an elaborate study we were able to prove that almost all high-quality handlebars have damping characteristics between 0% and 15%, depending on the intensity.  The 311 FL-X is between 20% and 30%. The higher flex has no disadvantages in steering precision. The steering forces are clearly below the vertical forces.
  • Area of use: Marathon, Cross Country and Trailbikes with sporty sitting position and under 130mm suspension.

The pictured stem is not included in the scope of delivery.

The 15mm or 30mm Rise (handlebar height) allows an individual adjustment of the sitting position.

Clamping 31,8 mm

Information backsweep, downsweep ect.