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If form follows function - it should be damn fast.

Ergonomics are the basis of success 

Only those who become one with the bike can win races through more comfort and less physical discomfort. The perfect fit is the prerequisite to convert power biomechanically optimizing propulsion Avoiding and reducing wind resistance and inertia forces are the prerequisite for a racers maximum efficiency. Avoiding wind and shear forces, reducing wind resistance and inertia forces - as a racer this is the prerequisite for maximum efficiency. The extra portion of advantages that ultimately decide between victory and defeat.


Shorter – Narrower - Lighter - Faster  

The raised rear gives more grip and better power transmission. A big advantage is on straight roads and especially uphill.

The stronger narrower mid-sectioniand the narrow saddle nose give more legroom.

The proven SQlab Ergowave form relieves the soft tissue area and prevents energyconsumingbad posture.

Stronger waist
Narrower saddle nose
Shorter saddle nose

Which saddle type are you? 

sporty sitting position on road bike and MTB 

  • Handlebars and saddle at a height/ saddle elevation of less than 5 cm
  • for long distances 
  • 6mm padding for more comfort 
  • from 147 g

very sporty sitting position on the road bike and XC 

  • saddle camber from min. 5cm raised saddle
  • for performance-oriented rides and races 
  • strongly minimized, firm padding with maximum legroom 
  • from 125 g 

Perfect fit 

The correct width saddle is a prerequisite for maximum performance.

Available width: 12 / 13 / 14 cm

Sleek rear

The raised rear gives more grip and better power transmission. A big advantage is on straight roads and especially uphill.


The stronger narrower mid-sectioniand the narrow saddle nose gives more legroom.

Extended Dip

The slight depression in the middle of the saddle has been lengthened for a very sporty sitting position to reduce the pressure on the sensitive structures of the perineal area.  

Weight and flex optimised

More longitudinal stiffness and perfectly coordinated material flex to the side mean more comfort with less weight at the same time. 125 g.   

711 R Grip

Every gram counts!

On the basis of the 7OX all material was saved that was not absolutely necessary. 

The flattened shape on the outside increases the contact surface and thus the comfort. Material needed for a heavy wing can be saved completely.

The second advantage is that the grip remains perfectly round in terms of driving dynamics. The slightly angular, flat shape on the underside saves material and provides a perfect fit. This ensures that the grip is loose and secure in the hand.

Innerbarends® 411R Carbon 

Comfortable. Aerodynamic. Inside.

The natural hand position relaxes the muscles, improves the ciomechanics and creates a performance spanis of about 5% - that would be a few places in an XC World Cup and many places at a marathon. 

Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16° 

Fast. Light. Sporty. Agile.

The 311 FL-X has been developed with regard to flex behaviour. In an elaborate study we were able to prove that almost all high-quality handlebars have damping characteristics between 0% and 15%, depending on the intensity.  The 311 FL-X is between 20% and 30%. The higher flex has no disadvantages in steering precision. The steering forces are clearly below the vertical forces.

SQ-Short ONE 12

Für Racer, die keine Bock auf Windeln haben! 

The SQ-Pad 12 is only a maximum of 4 mm thick and initially feels exceptionally firm and high-quality. Comparable to sporty saddles, which are just as slim and tightly padded, the SQ-Pad 12 keeps its shape especially on longer distances. Unlike many high, soft pads, it is not pushed uncomfortably inwards during the pedalling movement. For all racers who don't like diapers. 

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