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News - Readers Awards 2024

Published on 27.06.2024


SQlab wins again 
in reader surveys!

Readers love SQlab

Quality that convinces: SQlab has already triumphed this year in the vote for the best saddle brand of the year in the reader surveys of mtb-news, emtb-news, nimmsrad and emountainbike magazine and now wins again! This time, we have won the coveted "Oscars" from Delius Klasing Verlag (BIKE, MyBike, eMTB, Tour).

Double victory

Surprisingly, we not "only" take the crown as the best saddle brand in the BIKE, EMTB and Mybike magazines, but also in the Handlebar / Stem category, where the readers of the magazines voted us the best brand in 2024!

Ergonomics that inspire

We have always known that our high quality standards and ergonomic handlebar concepts are unique on the market. But the fact that we have now been voted the best handlebar brand by the readers of renowned magazines makes us all the more delighted. We have put a lot of thought into the comfort handlebars in particular in recent years. A clear, simple concept reduces the number of possible handlebar shapes and quality levels to just three: touring, trekking and comfort, thus offering dealers and customers an optimum solution for a wide range of applications and problems.

Maximum safety and durability

Quality and durability offer maximum safety. We have gone one step further right from the start: All comfort handlebars are manufactured to MTB standards and have passed the Zedler Institute's most demanding test protocol for downhill handlebars.

Complex ergonomics for more comfort

In addition to the highest quality standards, we also rely on a well thought-out, ergonomic concept with a 12 or 16° backsweep for our MTB handlebars, which we have developed together with scientists and doctors. The backsweep ensures a straight transition from the forearm to the hand thanks to the backward bend. This means that the wrist is less hyperextended, the carpal tunnel is not constricted and the supply to the hand is improved, minimizing the risk of numb fingers and relieving the entire arm chain up to the neck.

Top-class carbon technology

Our carbon technology sets standards. The handlebars are made of ultra-modern carbon fibers, which are not only particularly light, but also extremely stable. The special processing technology ensures that the handlebars can withstand even the toughest loads.

Thanks to our loyal customers

A big thank you naturally goes to our customers. Your trust and support motivate us to continue offering the highest quality and innovative solutions for cycling. 

SQlab - quality that wins.

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