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Pentecost comfort

Published on 17.05.2024

More comfort at Pentecost

High-quality saddles from Germany: Experience the incomparable comfort of the SQlab "Made in Germany" saddle models.

610 Infinergy® M-D active 2.1 

Area of use: comfort-oriented MTB / trekking bike
Pressure relief: very high perineal relief with 82%
Individual: saddle width based on the sit bone distance
active saddle technology: mobilizes intervertebral discs and minimizes pressure on the sit bones. Increases comfort, cushioning and back comfort, especially on long tours.

6OX Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active 2.1

Area of application: Gravity & E-Performance
Optimum pressure distribution: thanks to individual fit
Comfort upgrade: Ideal for long MTB tours
SQlab active saddle technology: Mobilizes the intervertebral discs and minimizes pressure on the sit bones

Individualized through sit bone measurement

The individual optimum saddle width reduces pressure points and ensures even weight distribution, while relieving the sensitive structures. 

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Comfort and Quality

Our "Made in Germany" saddles are made of innovative BASF Infinergy® foam, known from high-quality running shoes. This material is not only extremely robust, but also offers outstanding comfort, even on long rides. The quick resilience ensures a pleasant riding experience.

Sustainability and local production

SQlab Made in Germany saddles not only offer outstanding comfort and the highest material quality, but also stand for sustainability.

Local production: By manufacturing in Germany, we significantly reduce transportation routes. This reduces CO2 emissions and minimizes the environmental impact. We also support the local economy.

Efficient production: Our saddles are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies and efficient production methods. This conserves valuable resources and ensures that we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Strictest quality standards: Our production is subject to strict German guidelines for harmful substances and quality controls. This guarantees that our saddles are not only durable and robust, but also harmless to health. You can rest assured that you are receiving a product of the highest quality that has been manufactured under fair and environmentally friendly conditions.

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